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Top 10 Exciting Exhibitors to Watch At Dubai Downtown Design Exhibition

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The Dubai Design Week will be kicking off on October 26th, 2015, and the rich city is preparing to get more stylish than ever. Though this will be the first ever design week exhibition in Dubai, it will be the third edition of the Downtown Design Dubai, which also happens to be the centerpiece of the DDW. If you’re not family about what Downtown Design Dubai is, it is a trade type of event that will give you different brands participating.

This type of exhibition has become an essential part of the city’s international art and design calendar. For the international companies in such field, Dubai is definitely a welcoming type of market. As a matter of fact, this event will promote different regional talents, while still giving the international designers a place to become pretty much familiar and close with this type of market.

While this event is mostly about the established players in the market week, it also opens many doors for the new talents. The Dubai Design Week has been curated right under the support of the Vice-Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Dubai Culture & Arts Authority, Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. It is also supported by the Dubai Design and Fashion Council as well as Dubai Culture and Arts Authority.

Moreover, the Dubai Design Week is planned to make sure that even the man on the street could also experience amazing design. There’s no need for a person to be a design expert to enjoy such event. Dubai comes alive with amazing designs, so a special programme entitled as Around the City extends beyond the dates of the Design week. You could surely find one of these shows taking part at your very own doorstep.

Exhibitors to Watch at the Dubai Downtown Design Exhibition:


Aati provides the most comprehensive selection of designer furniture as well as accessories in the region. It has more than 30 years of experience working with the finest brands of the world, not to mention that it caters for people looking for an ultimate luxury lifestyle.


Akros uses both innovations and development in applied stone work in order to reinvigorate the acquaforte, while reviving the ancient practices of marble drawing. The brand makes sure that their work is handcrafted, as it is used to be in studious during the Italian Renaissance.


Antidote has an exclusive portfolio that includes the collection of handmade furniture. It is a platform that brings the international selection of artists and designers to the Middle East in order to create awe-inspiring living spaces.


Arclinea is a company providing tastefully fitting and unique kitchen and modern life needs with innovation and far-cry elegance.


Assemblyroom is a design studio based in London, with the backgrounds in furniture and interior design and architecture. It produces the contemporary furniture with the British style and has built up its reputation for great quality products and phenomenal pieces.


Chabros is positioned as the leading supplier of veneer and wood in the market. It has reinforced an impressive list of projects with an array of the high-end clients as well as recognized names.

Benwu Studio

Benwu studio creates a collaboration platform with the artists and designers all around the world. They simply aim for the artistic and unique, yet stylish type of living.


Istanbul’s famous design studio that caters to different design necessities such as product and interior design, Escapefromsofa is the best. It strives to create only the rich experiences for their many clients using a very humble approach towards their design.

Fantini Mosaici

Fantini Mosaici design studio represents luxurious living without limitations. It simply offers classic, modern and highly rich finishing, making every property a unique one.


Kvadrat is a highly dedicated brand that pushes the artistic, aesthetic as well as technological boundaries of the field, not to mention that they are rooting for color, innovation as well as simplicity.

If you want to enjoy the Dubai Downtown Design exhibition, you still have time, so, make sure that you sign up for this and have the best time of your life.

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