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10 Inspiring promotional videos that will blow your mind

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October 20, 2022
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10 Inspiring promotional videos that will blow your mind



Videos are indeed great for engaging audiences and for conveying  Promotional messages in the best possible manner. They make it interesting and captivating for both B2C and B2B channels. A promotional video can be successful, if it is inspirational enough to engage the target audience. 

Nowadays almost 60 percent of businesses are using videos as a worthwhile content marketing tool. Around 36 percent of them use them weekly, and almost 95 percent of them are planning to continue doing so.

Technology has made it easy for business entities today to create videos. It is also easy for the world to see them on multiple online channels. Video marketing is hence here to stay being one of the most popular ways of consuming content.


Why are promotional videos important to a business? 

Today’s society gives both leisure and pleasure as much importance as work. Exchanges today are now more playful and interactive. A corporate video which is great, and serves as a powerful and effective tool of professional communication; can not only attract but also retain a large target audience and create a following.

Nowadays, promotional video marketing can take a lot of forms. They are no longer promotional in nature. Rather they inspire people to purchase with a cause.

The best promotional videos everyone must see

Here are some of the best promotional videos which everyone must see, to understand video marketing has evolved from a merely sales video to a promotional video which also has an element (or two) of inspiration:

Android’s promotional video Friends Furever

A short marketing campaign executed by Google to promote Android, Friends Furever was quite successful when launched in 2015. At the year’s end, it was shared more than six million times which made it the most shared video of that year

The video’s success exhibits the fact that simplicity is vital in marketing videos. What the video does is that it makes a worthwhile combination of unlikely yet cute pairings of animals showing love for each other. This capitalizes on the love we all have for cute animals.

The video was at first designed to look like something normal which anyone can come across, especially if they are looking for cute animal videos. But the logo was plugged in at the end together with Android’s catchphrase. This is how it stood from the rest.

Adventures in Wonderfood (2017) from Marks & Spencer Food

Marks and Spencer took an innovative turn. They decided to promote a healthy and balanced diet by exhibiting beautifully photographed shots of food items. Promoting a healthy lifestyle these days is quite attractive thanks to the modern wave of healthy and better eating.

What M&S did is choose a black background (albeit dramatic) so they can highlight the vibrant colors of their food items. This helped them reflect the freshness and quality of suich.

The way the retail giant used geometric shapes with concentric circles is consistent. They further used a unique background musical track, with slow-motion shots and acceleration used to keep the audience both engaged and enticed throughout the video’s duration.


The World is just awesome by Discovery Channel

Those who watch this ad will probably turn off their TVs and PCs, pack their bags and go on an incredible adventure of a lifetime. 

When the character looks out on the horizon wondering about the greatness of the universe; ranging from the mountains above clouds, extraordinary animals flying in the skies, then comes a bustling city, showcasing human achievements with spirits flourishing. The video convinces viewers that the world is indeed amazing.

The video gained 7 million views on YouTube, and the Boom De Yada tune has become both advertising’s main theme and the motto of most travelers.

Apple Inc.’s Think Different campaign

Apple Inc. has been truly exceptional especially in its advertising and marketing activities. They have been part of case studies for most advertising, marketing and public relations professionals. 

It would be quite strange not to mention Apple’s 1997 campaign ‘Think Different’ which was made to establish old relations between the firm and its clientele, which were shaken when the late Steve Jobs was dismissed.

Then the company had the need to make the world believe Apple was rising, and wanted to differentiate itself from the rest. The Ad was launched a month after the presentation of the Macintosh PC which became a symbol of Apple’s resurgence.

This is why advertising encourages consumers to think in a different manner. However, history does exhibit how much can be achieved and changed on the following principle:

“And let someone say: crazy, we say geniuses. ‘Cause only a madman believes.”


Year in Search 2020 of Google

The world’s most innovative company, Google has effectively portrayed its key branding messages since the company first began using video promotions. The year 2020 was challenging everyone because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This was Google’s inspiration for its ‘Year in Search 2020’ video.

It highlighted the year’s events from the beginning to the end and showcased the most searched ‘whys’ of the year, making it relatable to the audience. 

Through this, Google made a message to reconnect with those humanity loves, and the world as we know it was pushed. The year did end but reminded everyone of their priorities.

The main highlight of the video: How it tapped intelligently into current world affairs, how a relevant topic engages a larger audience and promotes a brand successfully.

The Switch A Spark Brilliance Production – Nike Football

Inspiring youth across many sports after inspiring many to enter the world of Association Football (soccer), Nike Football has always been impressive. Their promotion titled ‘The Switch’ tells an inspiring story via their brand ambassador Cristiano Ronaldo, and other players including Raheem Sterling.

By utilizing ambassadors and sponsored teams (Portugal), Nike has been able to captivate its young audience with a short film which is fast-paced. It has a varying tempo to keep the audience engaged.

A plus point: The video’s effective in terms of product placement. All the players wore various cleats, different kinds of equipment and also wore different kits. This worked as a powerful kind of influencer marketing. 

Its purpose was to ensure young people buying the products their idols and inspirations are wearing. With the video promoting Nike as a brand, it even inspired young people to enter the world of association football and embrace the beautiful sport.

GoPro – Hero6

GoPro changed the camera industry thanks to their extensive line of compact waterproof cameras. They are loved by adventure and extreme sports enthusiasts. 

The video is a hit with the target audience, exhibiting the camera’s capabilities and how it can be used, through showing footage captured on it from skiing, surfing and snowboarding to swimming with sharks.

The video’s fast pace shows the way users can capture any kind of moment at any time, and it sends the audience a message that now is a moment worth capturing. The product is promoted successfully, thus enticing users to get up and buy it. No doubt GoPro tapped well into their audiences’ interests.

Slack, helping communication run more smoothly

A business communication app, Slack has become one of the best alternatives to numerous emailing and messaging platforms. The video seemed like a comedy show’s episode. It used an interview format giving it an authentic, sincere and natural feel. 

The interview format used is easy to help convince prospective clients about complete transparency offered by slack. It even makes the audience connect with interviewees nicely too.

A year of good by Starbucks

For this video, Starbucks took the chance to showcase both its customers and employees, showing acts of kindness, charity and positivity. The video used organic content which featured employees who were unaware of being part of the video (but were told later on). This helped create an authentic feel in the video.

It showcases the brand as one that gives back to the community, cares for employees and local communities. It prompted customers to return and engage with Starbucks too. Alongside employee testimonials and stories also included figures showing the business’s benefits beyond the usual coffee. This helped promote a much more positive message for Starbucks.

InVision – Design Disruptors

InVision is a platform for collaboration, creating prototypes and improving workflow. The company aims to empower product design teams globally. Unlike typical product videos, this video doesn’t actually promote the product but actually aims to widen the scope of product design which will help create a positive effect on the design community.


Video marketing will keep growing, and that is the reason why working with clients in this arena today  will help portray everything from a product launch, messaging and bits & pieces, to the final message. 

Promotional videos today are not just sales videos. They convey messages that help display the product’s USP in the best manner and aims to even improve marketing on a whole new level.

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