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10 Most Useful Tools in UI/UX for Designers

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10 Most Useful Tools in UI/UX for Designers

User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) are at the heart of every design pattern, be it a 100-page website or a simple mobile app. Without a UI/UX, it is difficult for businesses to attract their visitors to a website or an app. Meeting the requirements of the end-users and getting their nod of approval should be your bottom line.

A comprehensive understanding of the design process is a prerequisite since you cannot learn UI/UX overnight. Even the best designers need practice and the best UI/UX design tools to get the ball rolling. A clear hierarchy is another aspect that must be followed. Consistency is the key as several random UI/UX elements may confuse the onlooker. A familiar and consistent design right from the landing page to the contact/order page can enhance the users’ experience. 

Accessibility is another issue that designers must conform to as not every visitor may browse through the website linearly. For instance, a visually impaired person may need an alternate solution to learn the different color options of a smartphone in which he is interested. The design must be usable for as many people as possible, for even five percent of people who bounce off your website due to a lack of accessibility, can have a drastic impact on a company’s sales in the future. So you must know the UI design blunders to avoid to make your website a huge success.

Apart from everything mentioned above, visualizers and designers must look for the best UI/UX design tools. But from thousands of tools available, choosing the right ones can be a headache. Highly qualified and experienced designers working at Dubai Monsters know their job and have helped us come up with a definitive list.  Using the context of the products and services, designers and website owners can come up with something worth a second look. Here are the top ten best tools for UI/UX designers to use and create a mesmerizing effect to make a product or service look scintillating.

1. Sketch 

Sketch bears an uncanny resemblance to Photoshop at a glance, but it is so much more. You can easily change the vector shapes to new styles, sizes, and layouts. And Sketch’s vector-based workflow offers many options for high-quality artwork from beginning till the end. For UI design, this is one of the best tools available on the market. It is available for free, with the full version available for $99. You can also use the tool to create a logo for your business.

2. Adobe XD

Adobe Experience Design, better known as Adobe XD, is another great product that offers smooth workflow and the use of vector graphics. Creating wireframes, screen layouts, and interactive prototypes has never easier. Interactions and transitions can be shared with the team members and stakeholders so that everyone can test the look and feel of the design.

Not only is this tool absolutely free, it can be used on desktop and mobile platforms like Android and iOS. 

3. Axure 

Axure is a powerful prototyping tool that bypasses the need for any coding skills. It provides dynamic content collaboration for hover functions, conditional flow statements, and math functions like adding or removing from the cart, which reflects the amount. Fascinating animations on the prototype can be catered to without much effort. Sharing is also possible to anyone who can see the project with a link and password.  It comes with a 30-day trial period, and then it can cost up to $895/per user. It runs on both Apple and Windows platforms.

4. Webflow

This wonderful tool offers robust functionality without the need to write a single line of code. It is heavily focused on web animations and responsive web design. The UI feature allows you to refine your mockup so that you can turn it into a production-ready site with a single click. For independent designers, this translates into an opportunity to ace the prototype without needing to rely on developers. Exporting the code to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is a breeze with Webflow.  It is free for up to two unhosted projects, and then for personal use, it comes around to $16 a month, and for professionals, $35. It runs on the web and supports all prototypes.

5. InVision 

A very popular prototyping tool, InVision is one of the best tools for UI/UX designers. Through the project management page, you can organize, design components into a status workflow. You can upload multiple common file types like JPG, PNG, and GIF. With easy integration with apps and productivity enhancements tools like Slack, Trello, and JIRA, this is a comprehensive tool in every manner.  It is free for a single project and then starts from $15 a month. It runs on the web and can offer prototypes for Android, iOS, and the web.

6. Marvel 

Marvel is another useful tool in the arsenal of both newbie and experienced designers. It can create low and high-fidelity wireframes and interactive prototypes, as well as conduct user-testing. Most things a UI designer would want are available in Marvel. Its Handoff feature provides developers with all the HTML code and CSS styles that they need to start building.  There is a free version available with limited options, while the full version starts from $12/feature/month.

7. Figma 

Figma lets designers build highly imaginative prototypes and mockups. It allows multiple people to work on or view a project, thus allowing maximum contribution. Browser-based accessibility is available for everyone to access all the options for doing a project being tested and evaluated along the way. There is a free version available with limited options, and the full version starts from $15/feature/month.

8. Origami Studio 

initially built for Facebook designers, this tool is a tad bit more complicated than more popular ones on the list like Sketch and InVision. However, it is more preferred by advanced users since it provides them with many features and functionalities not available with other tools. The platform includes tools to build complete prototypes with a sophisticated patch editor, offering designers the freedom to integrate advanced functionalities.  No free version is available, but you can try your hands on the trial version available with limited options. The full version starts from $995/feature/month.

9. Proto.io

With the ability to design “Prototypes that feel real,”, proto.io is a force to reckon with. Designers have the advantage of creating, organizing, and integrating accurate mockups. The collaboration process is also very smooth, so that communication between team members through comments and video feedback fills any gap in this regard. It integrates well with testing products like Lookback and Validately.  There is a free version available with limited options, and the full version starts from $24/feature/month.

10. Craft 

Craft is a plugin from InVision and works alongside other tools like Photoshop or Sketch. Its sync function is handy so that you can save much time. It also offers everything you need for prototyping and collaboration. Changing in styling and edits can also be used. With access to Getty and iStock photos, getting better visuals is now easy.  There is a free version available with limited options, while the full version starts from $39/user/month.

Over to you 

So, here you go. These are the top 10 UI/UX design tools for 2022. If you think that you can add something valuable to this blog or wish to offer your feedback, you are more than welcome.

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