10 UI Design Blunders to Avoid to Make Your Website a Huge Success

10 UI Design Blunders to Avoid to Make Your Website a Huge Success

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10 UI Design Blunders to Avoid to Make Your Website a Huge Success

If you are running an online business in Dubai or any other region, then you truly understand the importance of website design and its usability. If your customers find it difficult to discover what you offer and can’t be able to navigate the page, chances are they will leave your website and never come again.

That is where user interface comes into play.

An intuitive and well-designed user interface is the most important factor that can make or break your website. A good user interface allows customers to easily understand how to use your mobile app or website without any difficulty. Therefore, it is vital to create a well-designed user interface, but sadly, many online businesses in Dubai don’t understand how important it is for your website design or app.

If you want to attract more and more customers to your website and drive maximum engagement, keep some useful UI design strategies in mind and avoid making these UI design mistakes.

  1. Non-Responsive Web Design

In this smartphone-obsessed world, following a mobile-first approach is a worthwhile strategy that can increase your website rankings on SERPs and drive more traffic. Therefore, it is important to create a responsive design that works properly on all devices regardless of the screen size and compatible with all browsers. More than 80% of users will stop using a website that doesn’t work well on their device. Making responsive design is critically important to provide a great UX and increase the conversion rate of your website.

  1. Cluttered Design

Today, minimalism is all the rage. “Less is more” is one of the best UI design practices that can add elegance and style to your website. Providing too many elements without enough white space significantly increases the level of distraction among your website visitors. They will have to put an extra effort to look for their desired product or find what they actually want to do. Avoid cluttering your design with unnecessary design elements, provides enough white space on the page so that users can easily focus on the core elements.

  1. Inconsistent Design Elements

If your user interface design has no visual hierarchy or flow, it is highly advised to redesign it immediately. Consistency in UI design is critically important to create a sense of familiarity, reliability and control among users. When your website has a consistent UI design, it eliminates confusion, allowing users to take the desired action without spending too much energy or time. Make sure the fonts, image size, buttons, and labels are consistent across the website to maintain design consistency and flow.

  1. Irrelevant Typography

When it comes to creating a good UI design, every layout element matters most. Text arrangement and beautiful typography can create an effective UI while helping users to learn about your offers. Make sure you use a consistent font size throughout your website to maintain a design consistency. Effective typography will also make your content readable and enhance the accessibility and graphic balance.

  1. Lack of Contrast

Contrast is one the most important factors that have a profound effect on the visual hierarchy of the design. It enables designers to create a design that catches users’ attention and attract it to a particular element. Poor combination of colors can have a negative impact on the usability and navigability of the website, while getting your users frustrated and moving to your competitors’ website. Therefore, a good color contrast is important to make your website easy to use.

  1. Lengthy Signup Form

Forms are the most important component of your website that are used to collect the user related information for future engagement. It’s always a great idea to make your form concise and to-the-point. Adding too many fields will make it difficult for users to complete the form while increasing your bounce rate. So, keep your form simple and avoid putting unnecessary fields.

  1. Complex Navigation

One of the most effective UI design principles that creates a stellar UX is to create easy and simple navigation. Users hesitate to come back to a website with complex navigation as a navigation with too many links will only make it difficult for users to find their desired product or information. Make sure the navigation you implement is consistent and simple that makes users come back to your website again and again.

  1. Copying Others

Before creating a UI design, come up with unique ideas to make the design more appealing. Copying others’ design ideas will only create a bad reputation for your brand and reduce your search engine rankings.

  1. Poorly Designed CTAs

When it comes to creating a great user interface design, choosing the color, size, copy and placement of CTA buttons is critically important. CTA buttons play a great role in the efficiency of the UX and help you achieve your website conversion goals. Designers need to create CTAs that are attention-grabbing and persuade users to take an action. A CTA with poor copy, color, size or placement can have a negative impact on conversions and sales.

  1. Heavy Media Elements

Though heavy media files and animations can add great innovation in user interface design and enhance the user experience, it can affect your website speed. Keep in mind that your website speed plays an important role in creating a better UX. It is advised to remove unnecessary plugins and use small sized vector images to improve your website speed.

By avoiding these UI design mistakes, you will create a functional website that offers a great user experience.

Saher Naseem
Saher Naseem
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