15 Eye-Popping YouTube Statistics Every Digital Marketer Must Be Aware of -

15 Eye-Popping YouTube Statistics Every Digital Marketer Must Be Aware of

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15 Eye-Popping YouTube Statistics Every Digital Marketer Must Be Aware of

Technology has not only transformed our lives but it has also changed the way we used to consume media. Gone are the days when entire families huddled around the Television to watch their favorite shows. Today, we visit YouTube to get our daily dose of entertainment. Started off as a basic video sharing platform in 2005, YouTube became a media consumption hub for everyone in just over a decade. In this article, you will learn about some mind-blowing YouTube statistics that will force you to make YouTube an integral part of your digital marketing strategy:

1. YouTube is the Second Largest Social Network in the World

Yes, you read that right. YouTube lingers just a tad behind Facebook with more than 1.5 billion users.

2. YouTube is a Global Phenomenon

YouTube users span over 90 countries, and it boasts localized versions for all those countries. Additionally, YouTube also offers support for more than 75 different languages.

3. YouTube Is the Most Popular Social Media Site for Teens

Teens in the US are perhaps the lifeblood of YouTube. According to Forrester research, 96% of US teens, active online, binged on the popular video streaming website in 2017, which was a major surge up from 87% in 2014.

4. Users consume a ton of YouTube Videos

Save your jaws from hanging because this YouTube stat is sure to leave you in awe. YouTube users consume one billion hours of videos every day. That is equal to 114,000 years of YouTube videos watched every single day.

5. YouTube Reaches the Topmost echelon of Video sites

According to a study conducted by Google and ComScore, 48% of online video viewers consider YouTube the best video site in the world, followed by Netflix at 29%.

6. YouTube is the Second Highest Ranked Website in the World

Did you know that YouTube is the second highest ranked website in the world? According to Alexa’s “Top 500 sites on the web” list, YouTube is ranked just behind Google in terms of popularity. It considers a combination of unique visitors and a number of page-views for ranking websites.

7. YouTube Videos Uploaded Every Minute

Hold your seat tight because this stat will blow you away. More than 400 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube every single minute. This parallels 576,000 hours of videos each day.

8. More than Half of YouTube Views Come From Mobile Devices

With the proliferation of mobile devices, people are consuming video content on the go. Today, nearly 70% of all YouTube videos are watched on mobile devices.

9. YouTube Users Spend More than 30 Minutes per Session

People are spending a lot of time on YouTube. An average YouTube video watching session on a mobile device lasts for 40 minutes. If a user is having multiple such sessions throughout the day, they might end up watching more than a dozen hours of YouTube video every week.

10. People Pay More Attention to YouTube Ads than TV Adverts

Probably the most interesting news for digital advertisers is that people heed YouTube ads way more than TV ads. According to a study conducted by Google, 62% of ad time on YouTube mobile succeeded in soliciting viewers attention as compared to only 45% of paid TV ad time. For paid YouTube ads, that percentage soars even higher at 83%.

11. YouTube Ads Account for More Than a Quarter of Digital Ad Spending

With customer focus slowly shifting from social media to videos, digital marketers are increasingly splurging more on YouTube ads. YouTube now accounts for more than 27.1% of total digital ad spending by US marketers.

12. YouTube is great for Both B2B and B2C

According to a research conducted by Smart Insight and Clutch, YouTube is the third most valued social platform for B2C marketers and the fourth most valuable social platform for B2B marketers.

13. YouTube Videos Boost Engagement and Conversions

According to a survey conducted by Animato, 79% of US marketers are confident that YouTube videos can lead to purchases, while 81% have similar hopes for engagement. On the other hand,84% are of the view that YouTube videos area great way to drive more views.

14. Top YouTube Ads

Analysis of the top 10 YouTube ads sure unveils some astounding statistics, especially when you digest the fact that these ads alone generated more than 539 million views and 3.6 million likes.

15. More than Half of US Marketer Run YouTube Video Ads

According to a survey conducted by Animato, 51% of US marketers run YouTube ads. On the other hand, 62% of marketers are planning to escalate their video ad spending in the next 12 months.


If you have not started using YouTube yet, do not waste any more time and jump on the YouTube bandwagon right away or risk losing a big chunk of customers who aspire to see your products in action. YouTube is a powerful tool that has a propensity to engage customers, boost conversions, and grow your sales.

Which YouTube statistic is the most interesting? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

Note: These statistics have been collected by DubaiMosters.com – a leading web design company which offers logo design, brochure design, website design & development, and digital marketing services.

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