4 Instagram Marketing Secrets Brands Should Learn from Generation Z -

4 Instagram Marketing Secrets Brands Should Learn from Generation Z

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4 Instagram Marketing Secrets Brands Should Learn from Generation Z

Do you think Instagram is hot? Well, the fad of fidget spinners was hot, and the Kim Kardashian gossip is definitely smoldering. Instagram is breathing fire! It’s in the throes of a gonzo growth, unparalleled by any other social media channel. According to a report by Sprout Social, 70% of U.S.businesses are high on Instagram, while Smart Insights reports that during the past two years, Instagram has doubled its user base to 800 million, with Generation Z making up a major chunk of it.

They use Instagram to explore the world, connect with their digital friends, discover their passions and find more individuals and communities to tap into. Instagram users, mainly teens, are consistently relying on visual content and storytelling. While Twitter is replete with re-tweet happy spam bots and Facebook is fast turning into a huge wasteland of recycled memes, Instagram is still home to billions of content creators, keeping up a stream of exciting photos.

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Instagram plays a key role in the lives of young adults (13 to 24). It serves as a great place where Generation Zhangs out to discover what’s trending, the new interests cropping up, what their friends are up to, and what they should follow. 68% of Instagrammers interact with brands regularly, whether it’s about liking content, posting photos, following accounts or visiting a website after discovering their desired products. This clearly shows that teens love to discover interactive, eye-catching content and stories of accounts that are authentic, visually stunning, and most importantly; NOT self-promotional.

If you are a  digital marketing agency aspiring to reel in young adults and teens, it is advised to offer a great experience that puts a heavy emphasis on quality and design of images and videos. Content must be interesting and thoughtful and should be presented in a creative manner.

Surprisingly, teens are dominating on Instagram and run the most engaging and successful accounts after celebrities, by using their smartphones and creative skills. Teen Instagrammers are so popular that many brands have started paying them to grow their accounts through partnership, sponsorship, giveaways and other campaigns.

Here are some important Instagram marketing tactics teens are using that you should apply to grow your following and make your brand successful.

  1. They Don’t Believe in A Sales-First Approach

One of the biggest differences between brands and teens is that companies use Instagram to sell every piece of content they share. Marketers are not focused on creating engaging and compelling content. They are only thinking about ways of posting something that will generate more leads.

On the other hand, teens don’t try to sell, In fact, they don’t even care about how their content will be perceived when they post something on Instagram. One thing that matters the most to them is to create unique and eye-catching content. They tailor content and use it for its intended purpose.

  1. They are Quite Intent On Maintaining their Authentic Style

Teens are meticulous self-editors. They always make sure to create and share authentic content. They do their best to keep their style consistent and if the style or aesthetics of an image doesn’t fit into their style, they don’t think twice before deleting it.

Teens always ensure that any image they post perfectly fits in with all the other stuff they get going. They make sure that every picture is clean, minimal and appealing. If you want to streamline your Instagram account, it is advised to keep your style consistent as well.

  1. They Share Organic Content

Many famous brands on Instagram post tailored content to create brand awareness. They also generate custom graphics to promote their products or services. On the other hand, teens prefer to post a lot of photos and videos that they take while they are in the moment. They don’t try to force content, they are just posting what is happening in the now.

And when you post what is actually going on, your content is much more appropriate, relatable and organic. But that doesn’t mean you can’t post your product images and branded posts on Instagram. Try to share more organic content to grab the attention of more and more people.

  1. They Post Consistently

Teens use Instagram as a part of their day-to-day life and enjoy sharing entertaining and engaging content. They are enthusiastic about the content that they post on Instagram, which translates into fresh content almost every day. On the flipside, brands don’t consistently publish new content, this is why they find it difficult to build a massive follower base.

And in this fierce digital world, you simply can’t afford to lose any chances of getting more engagement. So, create a regular posting plan and stick to it!

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Final Words

As a digital marketing agency, most likely you won’t be able to use social media in the exact same manner as does Generation Z. Obviously, brands have different objectives and some limitations that young adults don’t have to panic about. But still, brands can learn a lot of marketing tactics from the way teens use Instagram.

Incorporate the above-cited best Instagram marketing practices into your social media strategy to build a massive, loyal and engaged audience.

Saher Naseem
Saher Naseem
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