4 Tools to find the Right YouTube Influencer to Boost Your Marketing

4 Tools to find the Right YouTube Influencer to Boost Your Marketing

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4 Tools to find the Right YouTube Influencer to Boost Your Marketing

You are sitting in front of the TV and enjoying your favorite TV show. A few moments later, you see an ad with your favorite celebrity promoting a product or service. After watching your favorite TV show till the end, you put your hands in your pocket and take out your smart-phone to get your daily dose of YouTube. Surprisingly, the same ad also pops up on YouTube as well. You start thinking about buying that product or subscribing to that service.

Influencer marketing can boost your conversions and grow your sales. That is why brands are harnessing the power of influencer marketing. Roping in the right influencer in your niche for promoting your products is one of the biggest challenges for brands. The effort is well worth it because it can go a long way in helping your brand win over customers. To double the impact, you can combine influencer marketing with video, more specifically with YouTube.

You might be thinking why I should choose YouTube for influencer marketing. Here are some eye-popping YouTube statistics that will force you to consider YouTube for brand promotion.

Is your business looking for the best YouTube influencer in your niche? If yes, then this article is for you, as it will tell you about four tools that will make your job easier.

YouTube Influencer Finding Tools

Here are four tools you must use to find the best YouTube influencers.

1.     Mention

Do you want to build your brand and boost its credibility? If yes, then this influencer-marketing platform for agencies will bring a smile to your face. Dig deeper into influencer profile to make the right decisions regarding which influencers to pick and which ones to let go. Just type in the industry from which you are looking for influencers and leave the rest to its influencer discovery tool. You also analyze which influencers other competitors are working with and mimic their strategy. You can also listen to what influencers and clients are saying about your brand.

2.     FameBit

FameBit is YouTube’s own branded content platform, which started in 2014 and never looked back since then. FameBit harnesses the power of data and acts as a bridge to connect brands with influencers. Build trust and credibility for your brand by inspiring actions from your target audience by telling your brand story through influencers in your niche. FameBit helps you identify those influencers based on their popularity in their respective niches. With some of the big brands such as Sony, Addidas, and Canon in their clientele, it speaks volumes about the effectiveness of this tool. Create branded content with the right influencers and it will go viral on YouTube.

3.     Scrunch

With more than 20 million influencer profiles in their database, Scrunch is one of the best places to find influencers. It has a data-driven approach. It’s easy to use interface helps you save a lot of your time spent on finding influencers. Users can set criteria about the influencer they are looking for and Scrunch will match influencers with your specified criteria and send you a notification when it finds the perfect match.

If you like to search manually, you just have to select a category and it will show you a list of influencers. You can also zero in on influencers by applying filters or choose from micro, macro or power influencers. Seamlessly manage day-to-day activities in your influencer marketing campaign and track performance with Scrunch.

4.     Influicity

Do you want to give your influencer marketing campaign a social and community twist? If yes, then look no further than Influicity. Create and manage your own network of influencers where you can search for, engage with and join hands with influencers on YouTube and other social networking platforms. This subscription-based tool lets you pick the influencer based on location, target audience and behavior. Generate reports to analyze the impact of your influencer marketing campaigns.

Things to Consider When Finding YouTube Influencers

After discussing the tools, it is important to know what to look for when choosing the right YouTube influencers. Here are three things you must keep an eye on when hunting for YouTube influencers.

  1. Relevance
  2. Reach
  3. Engagement

Choose YouTube influencers whose expertise lies in the same niche you are targeting. This is the first criteria to evaluate any YouTube influencer. If the influencer manages to pass that test, then we move on to the next criteria, which is his reach. How many followers those influencers have? If the influencer manages to tick that box too, then we move on to the final criteria, which is engagement. Having thousands of followers is useless if very few of them are engaging with the influencer regularly. Select a YouTube influencer that can fulfill all three criteria for marketing your brand and products.