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5 Best Virtual Business Phone Number Apps in 2021

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5 Best Virtual Business Phone Number Apps in 2021

Businesses these days are not confined to geographical locations. In fact, even a small business or startup can set up their business at multiple locations around the world, albeit virtually. Especially when we are battling with a pandemic with stay-at-home orders in place, virtual businesses are the need of the hour. Surely, since the onset of the pandemic, not many businesses ventured to expand operations and open new branches across different regions of the world.

One of the best ways for a company to start expanding to new cities or other regions is through the use of virtual numbers. This technology makes it possible for a company to set up a business phone number in Tokyo or Shanghai while being based in Dubai or Sharjah. This allows them to act as a local company opening in Japan and China respectively while being headquartered in Dubai. This amazing feature is now used by millions of businesses worldwide.

Why Virtual Phone Numbers?

I have already discussed the ease of setting up a number in another country or region. Another reason is that managing your business from a personal number or even a landline phone can be hard to manage. Usually, businesses have to hire a team to set up a call center where all the calls can be received, and they can get in touch with their current and potential customers. But for many small businesses and startups setting up such a comprehensive call tracking solution is way over their budget.. This is where a virtual business phone number fits the bill. 

A virtual business number allows you to use the same number on laptops, mobile phones, and even desktop handsets. For the majority of businesses, this is a feature that gives them wings to fly high. Small businesses cannot afford to shell out much money on marketing, which is why they need a cost-effective solution that can save the day.

Virtual Business Phone Number Apps

There are various phone number apps available through which you can set-up virtual numbers for any business. Some features to look for in a virtual business phone number app includes excellent call quality, easy setup , great UI, AI integration, VoIP call encryption, etc.

Go through the following list featuring the top 5 virtual business phone number apps that can work in your favor. We have included additional information about their quality of services and pricing so that you can make an informed decision when subscribing to their services. Take a good look at all the facilities and features offered by them.

1. Nextiva


Nextiva is the best solution for small and medium businesses. Across the industry, this app is revered as one of the best virtual business phone number apps, judging by the fact that it is still going strong at 13 years old. There are several features like VoIP call encryption and conversion of PBX phones directory which makes it great. Better collaboration among teams and the head office, organized calls, integration, and customer support makes it a worthy contender. 

The price is slightly on the upper end when you compare it with all the other apps available on our list. The essential pack starts at 21.95$/month/user, professional pack at 241.95$/month/user and Enterprise pack at 31.95$/month/user. 

2. Grasshopper

virtual business phone number apps

Offering mobile and desktop apps both is one of the advantages that makes Grasshopper so popular. Business texting and simultaneous call handling allow customers to get ahead of their competitors. Other features such as a comprehensive web interface, an option for Wi-Fi calling, and a Caller ID, make it a great app. The set-up is easy, but its high price can put off a few users.

The Solo package starts at 29$/month. Partner package at 49/month, and for a complete small business solution with five phone numbers and unlimited connections, you have to pay 89$/month.

3. CallHippo

virtual business phone number apps

CallHippo is another Virtual Phone Number provider in the market and is at number three on our list. It has proven its mettle with great features and options for customers.

It offer extremely affordable packages, giving it an edge over other virtual business number apps. The plan starts with the Bronze package at $16/user/month. The silver package starts at $20/user/month and Platinum at $30/user/month. There is an enterprise solution too, which offers a customized pricing mechanism to suit the needs of a company, with superb features, such as a dedicated account manager. 

4. Google Voice 

google voice

For any organization looking for a cost-effective solution, Google Voice is one of the best pocket-friendly apps on the market. It not only offers amazing features; the packages are pretty affordable too. With a simple design and scalable resources, it can also be easily integrated with G-Suite apps. This makes it great for virtually everyone as all of us are familiar with G-Suite. There is every chance that anyone using a UAE virtual phone number will also be familiar with it and can use it without much difficulty.

Pricing is also an ace under its sleeve so that everyone can afford it. The starter pack starts at $10/user/month, standard pack at $16/user/month and premier pack at $30/user/month.

5. Phone caters to small businesses and startups as it has various packages to suit their needs. With no need for a long-term commitment and virtually zero downtime, there is everything in favor of Phone. Other features like voice tagging, scheduling and voicemail to email, customers of Phone are more than happy to use it.

The pricing is also on the lower side, with the base package starting at $12.99/month or $9.99 for an annual subscription. Plus package starts at $19.99/month or $14.99 for an annual subscription. And the unlimited package is $29.99/month or $24.99 for an annual subscription.

Over to you

We have tried our best to make a top-five list that can cater mainly to small businesses and startups. With all the features and options mentioned, it’s totally up to you to decide which package you want to go for. Based on your usage, if you want to share your experience with us, you are more than welcome. 

For any feedback too, please use the comments section below.

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