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5 Deadly Sins To Avoid When Designing a Website

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5 Deadly Sins To Avoid When Designing a Website

Creating a professional website isn’t an easy job. It is a stressful job that reflects your brand, in fact, you will be doomed if you don’t follow the right track. A web designer tries his best in building a foolproof and user-friendly web design that is visually appealing. A web designer cannot afford to make any mistake even once; he keeps a major responsibility of entire business image on his shoulders.

A website is a critical component of a company; it is an online face of the company. There are 5 basic mistakes that a web designer should not commit while designing a website. 

1. Planning Failure




Brainstorming is a building block for your website development. Make sure you have a project plan. Sit back and start planning things, map out the necessary arrangements and the navigation options. Keep the clients’ demands in mind.

2. Transparency Issues


Fake business profile


Doing business worldwide with a fake personality? That might not be the best choice. Transparency on the web is a key to trigger purchasing. Add photos of your employees and make videos of the workplace to fostering a strong relationship with your clients and ensure transparency. Show your portfolio and explain them about your desires. Work in coordination to bring harmony.

3. Making Things Complex


complex website


Make sure you don’t complicate stuff. Think like a customer, build your website in a way that customers only prefer you. First click sale is an essential rule to follow here. Make sure to make all your promotional and selling product pages simple and less complicated. Make your website as simple as possible otherwise, your visitors may abandon your site.

4. Choosing Inappropriate Colors

Bad Color Choice


You may have a favorite color in your mind and prefer it over others, but during developing a website you can’t go for your color choices. Do what’s best for business. Some colors do not complement the type of business your client offers. Choose light colors as they bring a neat, positive vibe. Make sure you add white spaces to make your content, CTAs and images visible. 

5. Ignoring User Experience


Ignoring User Experience


A visitor will not come to your website to read vague things or see something that is totally irrelevant, he will  definitely come to find out the product or services he wants from your website. Your website should have a simple layout featuring all the services or products in an organized manner to provide a positive user experience. Display all your products and services smartly; don’t hide your expertise behind numerous widgets and tabs. Highlight your persona, company profile or the brand you offer.  

 Keeping the above-cited points in mind can help you come up with a great web design. Getting services from a website design and development company is another great idea that can make the process easier for you. 


Irfan Ak
Irfan Ak
He is currently associated with Dubai Monsters which is an independent web design agency specialized in web designing, corporate branding, and custom logo design services.

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