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5 SEO Strategies to Generate Quality Leads for Real Estate Businesses in Dubai

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5 SEO Strategies to Generate Quality Leads for Real Estate Businesses in Dubai

Across the Middle East, the boom in the real estate sector started with Dubai leading the way. Work on new projects began with the development in Dubai, leaving everyone behind. The COVID-19 epidemic made a big dent in aspirations for the city to become a global hub of activities, but it is still the go-to city for finding a piece of real estate in the entire region. 

Dubai’s real estate value is worth trillions of dollars, as it is considered a haven for new projects. Burj Khalifa is the tallest building globally at 828 meters high and costs around 1.5 billion dollars. One can imagine the current value of this building and individual apartments, penthouses, and offices. Even though the UAE is going through a recession, not many are willing to sell their stake in the world’s tallest building in many other skyscrapers located in the city.

New real estate developers also try to mimic the success of Burj Khalifa, but it is not that easy. New projects spring up all the time, and there is an intense competition between them to get the share of the pie. But it is not all that gloomy as there are many ways to make sure that your real estate project can reach your target audience’s attention.

Digital marketing and SEO can offer investors many ways to do that. Let me show you the top five strategies concerning SEO that can do the trick for making a new project get the leads required for making it a success. 

1. Optimize the Homepage and Content 

The first step is all about the keywords. If you can find the keywords ranked high on Google and attract visitors towards your website with relevant content, more than half the battle is won. There is a high chance that your website will rank high on Google searches, and chances for you to get the leads will increase considerably. 

One trick that will yield good results is all about using the keywords with low search volume. Check out what your competitors are doing, and you will be racing towards your goal. This can be done by checking the backlinks of your competitors through backlink checker tools. You can easily steal the backlinks from your competitors and create a database for yourself. 

The use of long-tail keywords is highly recommended, as they are the ones that are specific to your brand. Think about using a keyword like “best real estate project in Jumeirah.”When you rank it high, all the traffic looking towards Jumeirah properties will fall on your website. 

2. Use Locally Targeted Strategies

The use of online directories is a great way to make a good case for your business. A real estate project is not something that can be marketed very quickly. The stakes are high, and the investor looks for lots of assurances before he will put up his hard-earned money into a relatively new project. The advantage of using online directories is it will drive traffic to your website and also rank well in the search engines.

To get the best results quickly, you need to optimize the content by using local keyword data. Telling your target audience that you are best in Dubai will matter a lot to the search engine. Google will check your website and the information available on it and rank you high, based on the local keyword data you are using. For example, “Dubai restaurants near downtown Dubai” will rank considerably higher than the keyword “restaurants in Dubai,” so make a smart move for the best results. 

3. An Active Blog to Get the Leads

To build your domain authority for topics related to real estate, blogs are the best way forward. We all like to read and go through new and updated information. And when we are sure that there is a blog that offers the best information regularly, traffic on that blog will increase astronomically. That’s why our blog can work wonders for you.

A few tips in this regard will be of great help to you. You need to create new content consistently, publish content that is easy to read and comprehend and use subheadings in this regard. Establishing the domain authority through a blog is not an overnight thing, and you need to be patient. It may take a few months or a year to establish it, but once done, you will reap the benefits as you will get quality leads.

Don’t forget to add quality links to the content, as you can also put internal links to connect your previous blogs. This is a great way to make your readers read all the relevant blogs and make them stay on your website, ultimately turning them into leads. 

4. Guest Posting 

This is another excellent way to spread information about your website and the business. It also builds your portfolio and credibility as a published article for your business on a high domain authority website will result in your favor. Catering to an entirely new audience opens new vistas for your business as you will be able to showcase the information you have about your domain to a broader audience.

You can also opt for paid guest posting on websites with the best domain authority to make things work for you very quickly. In this way, you will get an audience from websites and blogs having millions of subscribers that can also offer you quality leads. 

5. Increase the Speed of your Website

In the initial few days, it may not be viable for many businesses to spend lavishly, but when it comes to your website’s speed, there are no two thoughts about it. Think of it as an absolute necessity because a website that will load slowly will have virtually no chance of making it big. The competition in the marketplace is cutthroat, and if a website is not loaded within a few seconds, ideally, under 3 seconds, its game over!

Some tips to speed faster are very technical, but you don’t need to do it yourself and consult seasoned designers and developers for this. A reliable web hosting service, optimize your scripts and images, make your website responsive, etc. are just some aspects you need to excel in making your website load faster. This will encourage your visitors to spend more time on it and increase chances for genuine leads. 

Over to you 

Some paid methods can work for you to get quality leads like Google Ads, but not everyone can afford it. The above mentioned five tips would make your job easier in getting leads for your real estate venture without putting up a hole in your pocket. 

If you think that you can add something valuable to this blog or ask a question, please speak up. For any feedback too, please use the comments section below.

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