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5 Simple Steps to create great content on social media

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August 12, 2015
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5 Simple Steps to create great content on social media

“You make no sense. You are utterly illogical; you should quit speaking in public”.

If you were a debater or a public speaker, you would seriously slaughter anyone who grants you such comments after hearing your debate. But, if you are a blogger, what would you do if your audience has similar kind of opinion about your content? Had Liam Neeson been a blogger, facing such a scenario, he would have easily found the critic, and killed him, wearing his typical wrinkled and crinkled face. But for you, the cosmos of social media is too massive to find a spot to kneel down and plead to God to send readers to your ignored content, and trust me; you won’t be the only one asking for help.

If there is a discrete graveyard for bloggers, I guess it would be the saddest place on the face of this planet. Not only because of the unused minds resting under the soil there, but mainly because of the heaps of words typed but flatly ignored. They might never have figured out why their content faced utter harassment from their audiences, but for those still breathing worriedly, this is the time to ponder.

But first, being a blogger, ask yourself about the biggest strength of social media? What is it? Perceptibly, there are numerous answers to this, but let me put forward the essence that everyone would agree to. “Social Media is the only channel that holds unlimited ways to share your content”. With a little bit of creativity and methodical thinking, you can make people follow and share your content on social media. To get started, just follow these simple steps

1. Carve out a Snappy Headline

Headline is the most important part of any piece of content. It not only informs the audience what your blog contains, but also creates the mood of every reader. If a headline is flat and pointless, trust me, you will experience nothing but the back of your audience. So, how to make a catchy and snappy headline? There is no rocket science involved neither it is a mystery. All you have to do is to stay clear and to the point. According to the psychology involved behind blogging, readers only share content that is direct, personal and human. You can set this tone straightaway by crafting a snappy headline. Here are eight headline strategies that attract readers:
Surprise Your Reader: “Your content is not getting the number of shares it could have”
Ask Question: “Want to create content that is more shareable?”
Play With Numbers: “10 ways to create amazingly shareable content”
Highlight the Negatives: “Never write a blog again that goes unnoticed”
Resolve by How to: “How to write content that attracts masses”

2. Trigger an Emotion by Storytelling

Once you carve a snappy headline, now you have to hook up the readers. The best psychological way to retain your readers on social media is to start it by storytelling, as it develops the interest of the reader. Be sure that the story you have started with is relevant and is not boring. Write the story in a humorous way, so that your audience gets a chance to have a little giggle. A good example is the way I started this blog post. The more amusing your start is, the more it will engage the readers, and consequently the more shares it will get. Once your storytelling part is done, make the reader think by linking it with an emotion. Try to highlight the negatives in a light way, compelling the reader to find the solution in your content.

3. Make Your Content Visually Appealing

Once you have triggered the emotion, all you have to do is to retain it till the end. The best way to do it is to involve images in your content. Images are easy to digest, and most importantly, does not involve any effort on the part of reader. A good image in the start of the content will enhance the chances that a reader will scroll down. Another effective technique to retain readers is to reduce the words per line in the beginning by adding an image in the top right corner. This makes the reader read through the content fast and thus the reader finds himself in a comfort zone. Another important tip is to focus on quality, not quantity. Do not present a puzzle to your readers, offer them a solution.

4. Have a Clear Call to Action

The most important element to integrate in your content is a Clear Call To Action. Having a clear call to action is the simplest way to prompt your readers to share your content on social media. Psychologically, readers need just a little push to do want you want them to do. To make them share, you should use creative pickup lines like: “Did you find this post interesting? Share it with your friends” or “Want your friends to write a perfect blog? Share and show them that you care”.

5. Make the Closing Count

Once you are done with your content, make sure that the ending is not vague. Your conclusion should be clear and concise. Keep the audience mysterious throughout the content, keep them involved and engaged, and reveal the solution in the ending; the solution they were reading your blog for. You might like to end your content on a serious note, but my opinion is to conclude in a smart way, by including humor along with strong wording. Make your audience wait for your next blog by hinting them what your next topic will revolve around.

None of these steps is complex enough, neither illogical to raise any question marks. The fact is that if you spend a little extra time taking care about these steps, you can have miraculous results, in terms of number of likes and shares your content gets on social media. Now, when you have learned the art to create a highly shareable content, next time, we will surprise you with the simplest ways to gather latest research for your content.

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