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Mobile apps are amongst the top choice of marketers to grab the users’ attention. A feature-full mobile app cannot be ignored when the marketing elements are put on the table of any brand or organization.

While having a mobile app is a necessity, another matter that needs to be taken into account is the efficient designing of the mobile app development process. Many businesses already have it but not all of them are successful enough to be real head-turners’ in the market.

From the developing end, UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) are two important aspects that need to be taken into account. Paying attention to the target market and their needs also comes in the picture, right before the development is taken into account. Failure to focus on such crucial aspects can result in the credibility of your app being terribly affected.

Here’s what creative studios and web development Dubai companies do to create an app that matters.

1. Incorporating Responsive Design

Today, mobile phones are not the only devices that support the app. There are tablets, fitness devices, phablets and various others in the list as well. There are also various other operating systems that come in the lot. To ease the displaying needs of these multiple devices and OS, responsive design should not be ignored.

2. Keeping it Simple

When the rule of “Keep it simple” is discussed with the clients, many misunderstand it for the least possible styles used in the user interface. That is not what it means really. It refers to the part where the user does not have to read an entire guideline to start using the app. It should take just a few simple steps for the user to begin using the app and perform multiple actions with great ease.

3. Evaluation Process

When evaluating the app for ideas and opinions, perhaps the best strategy is to involve the actual end-users in the process. Since they are the users, they can give a much honest opinion. Keep this step early in the development process. Why? This way there will be a lot less confusion about eliminating what the customer doesn’t like and adding in at a later stage when the app is all set. Save the time and money by doing so.

4. UI Graphical Implementation

Instead of incorporating a lot of text within the app, try the exciting visuals. Users are more attracted by an app that has a graphically and visually presentable design rather than loading in text and boring them out. If you keep them engaged, chances are they will keep coming back. All you ever do is to make it an interactive journey for them.

5. Adhering to OS Guidelines

This last point comes as a mandatory requirement for an app developer to making the app more effective. There are certain user guidelines provided by each OS to ensure a certain standard is followed. It will lead to an improved design format and you have to abide by the guidelines provided already so there will barely be any elimination or addition at the last moment which may drive you crazy. Save yourself from a do-over as the scrutiny process has rigid checkpoints before your app is available on Apple or Google Play store.

As the world of app development is advancing and fiercely growing, there is a need for the app developers to be unique in order to make their work stand out from the crowd. Abide by the guidelines and study the target audience prior to making it available. A simple yet intuitive UI can lead to the success of your app. Good Luck!

Mariya Sabeen
Mariya Sabeen
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