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5 Useful Tips to Remember When Designing a Website for the First Time

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Website designing is a dynamic experience. It plays an integral part in company’s overall success. In fact, it is your online representation that cast a strong impression worldwide. In a highly saturated market like Dubai, it is difficult to adjust in the market flow. A company needs some important ingredients that make it outshine amongst its competitors. We as a leading web development Company in Dubai, also focus on web designing, aiming to craft perfection on the online grounds. Our highly experienced team of web designers has figured out where things go wrong when designing a website for your company.

Here are 5 mistakes that should be avoided in order to have an attractive, interactive, simple yet incredible web design.

5. User Experience

There are two key elements that must be kept in mind when designing a website. Focus on the UI so that you have low bounce rate. User experience counts a lot, a user should feel at ease when he navigates your website. Your web design should be engaging and responsive. A better user experience generates leads and results in increased number of traffic to lead conversion rate.    

4. Content Development

Content is king. Website content draws attention and appeals visitor to act. Be sure your content is legible, never use long paragrpahs and self-promoting content. Highlight what your are offering in the most simplified manner by using minimal text possible. Always keep in mind, minimal text can improve readability and increase the conversion rate.  White spaces matter a lot when designing a web design; exploit your white space with proper simplified brief content.  

3. Typography

Typography is an extension of the above point that acts as a secret for an effective web design. You may overlook this important ingredient, but typography is playing a critical role in making your web design unique and appealing. Depending upon the business website you are creating, it is important to select an appropriate font. Typography leaves a strong impression on the overall website overlook.   

2. Simple and Straight Call-To-Action

Always use clear CTAs; don’t confuse your visitors with the complicated call to actions. Stress on a simple and straight call to action that makes them buy  your products. Embrace them; make it easy for them to join your community. Be sure your CTAs are placed in a notable position so that masses can easily visualize it. Many websites give it the foremost importance by making it attractive and placed on the top right corner of the website.

1. Avoid Unnecessary Pop-Ups

There are a variety of ways to ruin a website and this is the most effective one. Popup pages and ads are the most annoying stuff on any website. These are the most irritating thing in the internet world. If you want to have a friendly user experience, then avoid using Popups even for your own pages. Integrate all the information on your website page and simply AVOID pop-ups!    


Irfan Ak
Irfan Ak
He is currently associated with Dubai Monsters which is an independent web design agency specialized in web designing, corporate branding, and custom logo design services.

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