6 Effective Marketing Ideas to Make Your Next Real Estate Video a Big Hit

6 Effective Marketing Ideas to Make Your Next Real Estate Video a Big Hit

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6 Effective Marketing Ideas to Make Your Next Real Estate Video a Big Hit

Being a real estate professional, you want to attract and win more leads and clients to grow your business. Video marketing plays a vital role in capturing the attention of buyers and sellers of real estate properties while encouraging them to take a visually-driven purchase decision.

According to a recent study, real estate websites that include a video get more inquiries than those that don’t. It’s no wonder that video marketing is the proven way to receive highly-qualified real estate leads and boost conversions. Through video marketing, you can easily convince your potential buyers to convert by showing the virtues of the property. Real estate videos can give potential buyers a real feel of the house by giving them a virtual tour of each and every corner of a house.

Real estate video marketing is an effective technique that helps your potential buyers to find their dream home from the comfort of their homes or workplaces without bothering the seller. If you are thinking to incorporate video into your real estate website and marketing strategy, here are some tips and tricks that will help you come up with a video that will help you attract more buyers and sellers.

1. Harness the Power of Storytelling

To win more business and create a memorable impact on the minds of your potential buyers and sellers, it is a great idea to tell a story in your video. Stories are a powerful and engaging tool that has the real ability to emotionally stimulate potential clients and covert them into leads.

As you might’ve witnessed in the video, RUHM has used a strong script to educate potential buyers about the property. It commences with a beautifully crafted introduction of neighborhood where the property is located and then carries this highly engaging narration throughout the video.

What these types of video tours do is that they keep the audience engaged from start while you subtly slide information that would stimulate potential buyers move ahead in their purchase decision process.

2. Videography Techniques to Enhance a Property

Real estate videos should be interesting, engaging and unique to leave a long-lasting impact on buyers and drive more enquiries. Realtors can draw the attention of your prospects by creating an exciting and memorable video that makes them more likely to contact your real estate agency.

Have a look at this engaging real estate video.

The video, created by Bespoke Real Estate, features sweeping drone shots covering mesmerizing clips of the property and the surrounding neighborhood where it’s nestled. They’ve used wide angle shots in the video to make the interior of the property look more open and spacious. By employing these techniques, realtors will be able to pique buyers’ interest.

3. Create 360 Virtual Tours

Realtors can take maximum advantage of 360-degree video technology while creating real estate videos. 360° videos will allow buyers a chance to explore each room at their own pace and give them a more natural and real experience of walking through the property. Real estate agencies should consider incorporating 360 virtual tours into their website and digital marketing strategy as it can give their business a solid advantage in a competitive market. 360 videos provide a truly immersive experience and remove any ambiguities from the minds of potential buyers and help them to make a well-informed purchase decision.

4. Show More Details

To make your real estate listings stand out and highlight the key features of the properties, invest in listing videos. Real estate listing videos can engage viewers in a visually compelling way and enable them to envision living in the apartment.

Let’s take an example of a top-ranked real estate Emily Kellenberger:

The listing video features aerial drone shots and cinematic overview of the interior and exterior of the home that keep the video exciting and engaging.

5. Add a Sense of Humor

In order to make your real estate videos unique, powerful and interesting, consider adding an element of fun. Making your real estate video can help you connect with your audience on an emotional level and generate attention and leads.

Reilly LePage, a real estate agent that strategically used humor in this video to highlight the key features of a condo he is trying to sell.

Here is another example of the funniest real estate video:

This video is a parody to the Taylor Swift’s song “shake it off” done by the real estate agent Andrea Madison Romero.

6. Video-Based Testimonials

To enhance the credibility of your real estate business, incorporating testimonial videos into your website, landing pages, emails, and social media platforms is a great idea to share the experience of your clients. Testimonials videos can better promote your business as your potential leads will trust your former clients more than the content you create.

So, make sure to provide your customers with a stellar customer experience so that you can show your prospective clients that you have a satisfied customer base. Video-based testimonials serve as a reliable endorsement that removes any doubts while closing the deal and makes your real estate business more trustworthy. Creating client testimonial videos will show your new leads that you are as credible as you claim.

Take a look at this video:

In this video, Post and Co Real Estate is featuring their happy clients who are sharing their positive experiences. It is a great strategy that encourages prospects to go ahead and choose your real estate agency to buy or sell a property.

Putting it Together

If you haven’t incorporated real estate videos into your website and marketing plan, now is the time to get started creating them. Real estate videos will give you an amazing opportunity to show the interior and exterior features of the properties you are selling, reach more people online and earn more leads and profits. A digital marketing agency will help you create compelling and stunning real estate videos that will help you promote your business.

Saher Naseem
Saher Naseem
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