6 Graphic Design Trends to Ensure Maximum Versatility for Business Portals in 2020

6 Graphic Design Trends to Ensure Maximum Versatility for Business Portals in 2020

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6 Graphic Design Trends to Ensure Maximum Versatility for Business Portals in 2020

Shopping portals and e-commerce websites rely on design to attract the maximum number of eyeballs. High traffic can make their target of converting visitors into customers. If we talk about graphic design, bold colors, futuristic compositions, and peculiar illustrations lead the way in getting the attention of website visitors in 2019.

With the dawn of the new decade, designers, as well as businesses, need to step up their game and come up with a design that is fantastic and fascinating in real sense. In 2020, there are some interesting changes instore for us as new trends will rule, apart from many trends which will carry on from previous years.

Take a look at the following six trends, which will define how graphic design will evolve in the coming few years.

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  1. 3D Graphics and Animation

3D is not just about making motion pictures for this effect. This trend touched a high point in 2019, and in the following year, it will rise further. With technology aiding this technique software/tools abound, capabilities, in 2020, you can expect some great 3D graphic design compositions. Moreover, to be more creative, designers will often combine it with other realities, such as photos and 2-dimensional objects.

In the recent past, many designers have experimented with the combination of layers comprising typography, images and abstracts to create an image and gives it a 3D feel. The use of neon and bold, vibrant colors in this concern can enhance the image and make a design come alive.

  1. Turning Art into Design

Graphic design can rightly be termed as an art, but that needs to be taken seriously to get the desired result. Like illustration and animation, graphic design also uses art form to a great effect. Businesses need designers who have artistic talent and can incorporate the concept they have in mind into a visual treat.

Creating fresh and on-trend designs is not an easy feat. If you are about to launch a new product, you can try incorporating more artistic, hand-drawn elements on the shoppers or packaging for a change from traditional designs. Experimenting can do wonders for your business, hence, the more artistic, the better!

  1. Color Schemes

In graphic design, futuristic themes are often expressed with bright hues of colors used for a hammer-strong impact. If you are anticipating a great design in 2020, we can expect the color trends to lean more towards the bright and bold rather than subtle and soft themes.

Businesses don’t need to look for a trend to become widespread and then go after it as it may be too late. You can easily experiment with bright, bold, and vibrant colors as they are in vogue and can make products look attractive and stand out with details.

If the thought of going all bold with colors feels like a lot, don’t worry. Embracing a new trend can feel a bit odd at first, but when you incorporate this into your website, vibrant hues will automatically make way into the hearts of your visitors.

  1. Dreamy Illustrations

An illustration is one design form that can offer really immersive graphics, but it isn’t easy to create the magic that can captivate one and all. If we go back in time, simple graphics were once the standard and a must-have feature for any website with stock photos and low effort graphics doing the trick. Now it’s time for dreamy illustrations to take the front seat as brands worldwide have started to embrace illustrations that are simple, unique and effective to the core.

Try out illustrations that are a little more imaginative, abstract, and dreamy. Illustrations which you don’t see in everyday life and that looks straight out of a dream sequence from a suspense movie will be a great graphic design trend in the years to come.

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  1. Eccentric Mix of Drawing and Photos

Most of us are aware of Google doodle. A trend that is termed as doodling, which was started by a few designers just for fun, has caught the fancy of designers worldwide within a short period. And it is now a major trend that is used all over the web. With an informal and casual feel, through doodling, an eccentric mix of drawing merged with photos can be a great way to leave a visitor in awe.

We come across doodles on Google regularly, and that’s why we can relate to doodles for a brand much easier than animation or picture, which we find difficult to comprehend. Businesses can tap into this trend for coming up with unique graphics that can surely lure their target audience.

  1. Focus on Generation Alpha

Generation Alpha refers to anyone born between 2010 and 2024. So essentially, I am referring to the children here. You may think that Generation Alpha is too young to focus on, as the maximum age of anyone belonging to this group would be ten years in 2020. The stat that by the year 2025, children in this category will account for roughly 2 billion is sure to get the attention of businesses. Think it this way, children in this age can influence their parents or guardians for a product they dearly want.

Generation alpha interacts with technology and all types of gadgets right from a very young age. Their interaction with color and graphics is unlike any other group as they are used to see websites and podcasts, for example, as a routine thing. And that’s why brands will require graphic design and web design, which is subtle, meaningful and smart.

Final Word

2020 isn’t just special for graphic designers, as it is the start of a new decade. So much has happened in the last ten years and especially in 2019, like amazing 3D depths in design, color combinations, retro-style designs, line art, etc. that every new year comes with new challenges for designers. They need to make their customers content and even on a personal level, they have to create designs that can satisfy their mind and soul.

If I ask you which of the graphic design trends for 2020 are you looking forward to, even if it is not in the above list, what will be your reply? Please enlighten my readers with the knowledge you have, offer your honest feedback or ask any questions you have in mind by using the comments section below.

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