7 Insightful Business lessons we can extract from football stadiums -

7 Insightful Business lessons we can extract from football stadiums

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7 Insightful Business lessons we can extract from football stadiums

Football season is near. Grab your popcorns and get ready to experience the madness, the passion, the emotion of the big screen. But hey before you grab your ticket here is something you can learn from football. Football is a lot like dominoes. Many treat instances in football separately while in fact, they are all connected. In fact, football is also like chess – lose your concentration for a second and you’re dead. But if you are an Entrepreneur or a small business owner there are many business lessons you can learn from football.

Teamwork is important

Football is a team sport. Nothing you do alone can help you to reach the goal of the other team. You have to learn to coordinate with 10 players at a time. Miss one coordination and you will miss your chance for a goal. You need to have a strong defense (in business situations you need to react to certain situations) and you also need to have a strong offense. In football and in business you are required to follow the leader. Poor teamwork will result in poor performance.

Wait for the right time

Football is broken down into 4 quarters. Each consists of 15 minutes and after 2 quarters there is a break. The break allows the coaches to re-strategize their goals and work on what is the need of the time. In business also you need to be very precise when taking decisions. Before taking a decision, you need to analyze all the aspects and decide what time is the right time to execute that decision. One minute here and there and you can be in serious trouble.
Always give more than you are as asked for

In the football field, every player is assigned to a specific location. If the player moves away from that location it gets difficult for other players to manage things for them. Every day in business your manager will assign your job. But if you fail to do that job this will create uncertainty in the company. If jobs are not properly assigned and executed, the business cannot succeed and they will not progress.

Great Leaders Inspire

Every team needs a direction and that direction is provided by the leader. If the captain of the team doesn’t decide where to place the players, it will difficult to strategize and come up with a winning plan. Of course, there are times when the going gets tough, but at that time it is the role of a great leader to come forward and take the next step. To inspire its team, to make encourage the team when they feel discouraged. In business, leaders need to teach the concept of ‘lean into it’ which means leaders need to teach their employees to lean into everything that comes in their way, good or bad doesn’t matter. What matter are you are there for it.

Time management is life management

Not just in football but timing is important in every sport. A good coach knows for a fact that clock is ticking and in order to communicate well, he needs to communicate the right thing at the right time. The right motivation, the right appreciation, and the right signals. Any divergence from time and everything will fall apart. Just as football teams have a 2-minute offense that can be put to use, every business should have a similar plan to accomplish things in an effective, orderly fashion. There may not be time to hold a meeting and talk about who needs to carry out which assignment. Planning beforehand what to do in case of an emergency or a time crunch will give greater odds to the project being completed on time.

Adopt change or die

No matter how great you planned your strategy, in football, there will be times when there are “busted plays” in which not everything goes as per the plan. This gives birth to a lot of confusion in the field. You need to be prepared for that moment. Of course, the conditions will not be ideal but that doesn’t mean that your team should quit. In fact, they should adopt the condition and work their way out. Same goes for business. If you are not willing to grow and outsmart yourself every day you will eventually be out of business. Every day is a new day. Every day comes with new challenges to solve and leave a dent in the universe. As a business owner, you need to be very adaptable.

Clear cut communication is the key

Communication is key in football. It helps build team chemistry and foster good relationships. If there is more communication, there is less confusion. It helps build trust between the team. That is why before each play the team meets in a huddle to communicate one to another the play that they want to run. This eliminates insecurities and confusion. In business, we must have effective meetings. Make them short and to the point but meet often to go over responsibilities and plans of action. Good communication is vital to business success.

American Football is like a nuclear explosion – there are no winners, only survivors. But if you really want to succeed in business you need to adopt the above mentioned lessons.

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Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui
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