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8 Important Features of Figma that Make it a Premier Vector Graphic Editor and Prototyping Tool

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8 Important Features of Figma that Make it a Premier Vector Graphic Editor and Prototyping Tool

Featured image for Figma

The world of design tools is rapidly expanding and new tools are being added by the day. Figma is one of the latest additions to this list and one of the most used tools in Ui/Ux for designers. It provides a bevy of great features for designers. Figma has all the features and capabilities of Sketch + Abstract + InVision + Craft + Liveshare + Freehand + Zeplin + Dropbox all in one, plus a bunch more. In essence, Figma is a web-based vector graphics editor and prototyping tool, which explains its flexibility and unique functionalities. Some offline features enable it to be used as a desktop application for macOS and Windows. 

Android and iOS apps allow Figma prototypes to run on mobile devices as well. The feature set focuses on UI and UX while emphasizing real-time collaboration. So, without wasting any time, let me describe eight key aspects and features of Figma that help it rank amongst the most popular vector graphics editors.

1. Figma Works on Any Platform

Figma works on any platform such as Mac, Windows, or even Linux. In any company, different people may be working on different operating systems. Figma’s universal nature means that it can work with every system. So even the most resource-consuming processes won’t lead to Mac overheating.

Take a look at the simple interface, which is familiar to others, so that everyone can use it without any difficulty. 

Image showing that Figma Works on Any Platform

2. Collaboration with Figma is Straightforward

Anyone can easily work with Google Docs using Figma as it is browser-based. Editing and viewing a project is easy as circular avatars are shown at the top of the app. A named cursor is offered to each person, so tracking is easy. See the screenshot below.

Image showing that Collaboration with Figma is Straightforward

The design lead’s role is of great importance as they can take a look at what is happening and what everyone else is doing. And also has the absolute authority to intervene and correct any action. 

3. Slack for Team Communication

Slack for team communication is another great feature of Figma. Countless businesses use slack, and such a team collaboration tool is great for designing a website or editing an image live. Everyone involved in the project gets instant notifications of what is happening to the file in real-time. Any edits done are “slacked” to the team. 

Image showing that Slack for team communication is another great feature of Figma

4. A Simple Editing Tool 

Compared to other editing tools, Figma is rather simple and uncomplicated. Permissions-based sharing is allowed so that any file, page, or frame can be shared. When any person clicks on the shared link, he will see a browser version of Figma. They can also see any Figma iPhone mockups available, compare different designs, and edit when necessary. See the image below with every part of the project that can be shared for collaboration and editing.

Image showing that It is A Simple Editing Tool

5. Real-Time Updating

Another brilliant feature, Figma shares live embed code snippets to paste an iFrame in third-party tools. The embedded mockup files are the Figma files that allows anyone having the rights to view the project to download the real-time updated project. And any change can be seen live in the embedded confluence mockup.

The effect of this on the UX process is extensively described in the illustration below. 

Image showing the Real-Time Updating

6. Design Review Feedback

Figma has another ace down its sleeve as it supports in-app commenting in both design and prototyping modes. And the comment thread is tracked in Slack and/or email, whichever is deemed feasible for use by the designer. Publishing PNG files is not a requirement nor the use of third-party tools like InVision or Marvel.

Image showing the Design Review Feedback

During design reviews, designers have the luxury of discussing and commenting on any project on a large screen. It is a great upgrade for Sketch users as they have to upload to a cloud service to get any input from team members. 

7. Project Files Can be Fetched from an Online Source

Being an online app, another great feature of Figma is that it can handle file organization by displaying projects and all related files in a dedicated view. Teams can easily organize their projects logically for a feature theme, or create a separate file for each user story. 

8. Prototyping is Straightforward in Figma

Sketch added a new feature that was described as a great addition to artboard prototyping, and Figma followed soon after. In fact, they went a step ahead and eliminated the need for any other tool, like InVision. A simple presentation with transitions is needed as there is no need to export to review tools.

Over to you

Have you ever used Figma or any other vector graphics editor or a similar tool? What is your experience, and how much will you rate this blog based on the information and description? I have tried to describe all the essential features of this tool. If you think that you can add something valuable to this blog that can be interesting for my readers, you are more than welcome. 

For any questions or feedback, please use the comments section below.'
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