What’s Trending On Instagram? 8 Insta-Trends to Watch Out in 2018 – Infographics

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What’s Trending On Instagram? 8 Insta-Trends to Watch Out in 2018 – Infographics

Are you on Instagram? That question has already gone out of the window because most people automatically assume that you are using the popular platform. Even if someone asks you and you shake your head in innocent oblivion, the person on the other end is likely to view you as an alien from a far off planet (we are assuming Martians are partial to Instagram too).

With its massive user base, higher engagement, and a rapidly growing family, Instagram offers lucrative opportunities to businesses. Instagram is rapidly evolving, forever keeping us on our toes, so brands should be aware of the latest Instagram trends to drive more engagement and sales. So much so, that several times over in the last few months, I felt like in the throes of a game of Catch-up with Instagram, lest god forbid, somebody thinks I am ancient. Knowing which trends to hop on and which trends to let go of is critical to surviving on this dynamic social media platform.

Here is an infographic that highlights the hottest Instagram trends that will dominate in 2018 and beyond.

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