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A Web Design Company’s Portfolio Says It All

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July 29, 2015
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A Web Design Company’s Portfolio Says It All

When you’re starting to build a business online, looking for a website design company in Dubai that can help you implement every need you have for your website is the best thing that you can consider. However,  if you want a highly creative website, you need to find the best web design company in Dubai that you can entrust your business together with its reputation and successful future.

Well, finding such a company is not really a hard thing. As a matter of fact, there are several factors that can help you decide. One of them is by looking at the company’s portfolio. The portfolio can surely tell everything that you need to know. However, you must still pay attention to the following:

  1. Portfolio Presence

    It’s pretty obvious that a design company should keep a portfolio. So, when you review the company’s portfolio, it needs to be full, substantial and regularly updated.

  2. Nature of Works

    You need to look at every work in the company’s portfolio. You need to see the projects that look similar to the one you need, the technology that they have used, the feel and the look of the website itself.

  3. Number of Works

    There’s definitely no standard number that will guarantee whether you are dealing with the best company or not. 50 finish projects are always better than 5, yet quality should always be on top of everything. Keep in mind, website design takes about a max of 4 weeks to be completed. If the company has been working consistently, then it means that they have a stable flow of projects, and enough staff to deliver the project within a realistic time frame.

  4. Quality

    You must know how long the home page takes time to load. If it’s only for a few seconds then it means that the designer is skilled enough in optimizing the images. On the other hand, it’s quite acceptable for a Flash website to load for a minute, since the entire website is loaded all at once. A website takes a few minutes to load due to the sound and the movie, which is understandable. However, if the website is developed in simple HTML yet takes more than a few minutes then you should be cautious.

  5. Read reviews

    Happy customers will always leave reviews of the company which helped them create amazing websites. So, if you see that the web design company features positive reviews from their previous clients then they could be a good choice. If you read about a lot of unsatisfied customers then you better look for some other website.

If you want to find the best web design company in Dubai, take time digging deep into their portfolio. Portfolio says it all; so checking them out can help you a lot.

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