All the Information you Need to Start Your 2022 Marketing Planning Today

All the Information you Need to Start Your 2022 Marketing Planning Today

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All the Information you Need to Start Your 2022 Marketing Planning Today

Marketing planning 2022

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the most admired entrepreneurs and investors on the Internet right now. He is very famous for running successful businesses and startups. He has also written six books on various topics especially business and marketing. His latest book is about emotional intelligence and how you run a business and marketing. 

The book is titled “Twelve and a Half” and offers deep insights into how to run a business leveraging the emotional ingredients. As we head to 2022, there are many factors that businesses want to focus on so that they can succeed admirably. But most of them look for a quick profit and exceptional traffic on their website. The Gary V. book is all about emotional aspects that businesses must tackle like optimism, gratitude, and ambition. 

How to Create a Marketing Plan?

Planning your business marketing strategy for the year ahead should be a seamless process. You must know exactly in which months you have to start a new campaign or launch your product. A yearly calendar is what you need so that to make your work perfect, keeping in mind what your competitors are up to. More on that later in the content strategy section. 

So, can you just start by randomly searching on Google and plan within a day? Certainly not. A taut marketing strategy plan is what you need to take a big step towards achieving goals. It is time for playing it SMART to make a decisive move. 


Before you start marketing your products, set your goals so that each step takes you closer to them. SMART here stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely goals that can offer you great stability for your business. Not just high sales and revenue should be in your mind as making your product familiar amongst your target audience should be your ultimate goal.

Using the definition of SMART, you need to craft your goals related to how you are going to market your products. And blend it with some of the emotional aspects that I have mentioned from Gary Vaynerchuk, and you will have a perfect recipe for success.  You should go through this blog as I discuss some important factors that can help reach their goal for a great marketing plan for the year ahead. 

Marketing Plan for the Content

If you are making a marketing plan and leaving behind the content strategy, then you are not heading in the right direction. A content calendar will help you chalk out all the factors related to social media and your website. Never assume that social media can be taken care of through mediocre posts and using viral content. With the right Instagram feed planner and appealing Facebook banner designs, you can get the most out of social media benefits. Believe me, this is not going to help as businesses do not flourish like this. 

The content on your website and social media platforms must reflect the ideology of your company and make them familiar with the product. Not only that, but a content calendar allows you to think of other marketing tactics ahead of time like hosting webinars or publishing podcasts. You can also use it when you’re launching a podcast, for example, to spread the news and engage your audience. The calendar will help you in posting for a particular day or event. For example, for Easter, you can put a note for it. Then 1st May is Labor Day. To launch a full-fledged campaign for this event needs time. You must start early as making customized banners, images, and social media pages will take time. Only then a campaign can be of some substance. 

Priorities and Challenges

The priorities and challenges for businesses must be clearly defined. They must face challenges head-on but set priorities so that what is more important gets the limelight. Customer demands must be met and for this working on the right channels and strategies will work wonders for any company. Whether you choose to use office phone systems or other means of communication for support, keep in mind that great customer experience is a must. You should also ensure customer security based on the communication channel you’ choose. If it’s email, make sure to check the DMARC report, whereas, in the case of message marketing, you will need to keep the data clean.

Salesforce has published a detailed report on the state of marketing and how digital marketers are changing their strategy to meet the demands of their customers. The future of marketing strategy depends upon which channel offers more support to a particular company. Or for their customers for a specific product/service so that they can assist them better in reaching their goals. 

See the graph below which shows the percentage of marketers preferring a particular channel. 

Social media and digital ads are preferred by marketers as shown above. While TV/OTT is the least preferred as the cost is high and the results cannot be measured like social media likes or the number of times a video has been watched, which you can do if you’re live streaming on social channels or simply upload video content to your profiles. While TV/OTT is the least preferred as the cost is high and the results cannot be measured like social media likes or the number of times a video has been watched, which you can do if you’re live streaming on social channels or simply upload video content to your profiles. By the way, you can make animated videos and share it on your social media accounts to ensure more reach and increase the number of video views. 

More Data is Not Always Good

According to the same report and discussed above, on average, marketers are now looking forward to using more than 75% more data sources in the coming year than in 2020. Despite that, only 33% of marketers are completely satisfied with their ability to use that data to the optimum.

This is a staggering figure and despite all the technology and tools available, the marketers are not making them count. This indicates that more is not always good but only the relevant data counts. If you know some of your customers prefer payments through digital coins or crypto, make sure to integrate a crypto heatmap to make things easier. This way, you can make other business decisions based on the right data you have. Marketers must know the source of the data that they are using and if it is updated. This is the key to success as only relevant and updated starts/data can be used for an effective campaign.

Review the Current Year 

Review what you have done throughout the year and what strategies and tactics have worked for you. Sort out the specific industries in which a particular strategy has worked. You can always use that strategy in that market region. Surely you have to dive into the analytics and dig deep so that you can come out with stats that will help you in crafting a winning marketing strategy. Find time to plan for the future to make it count. 

Marketing managers/executives can take a look at all their social accounts, all the promotions they have, and also affiliate marketing/offline marketing that they use throughout the year. They had to think about any successful patterns so that they could save them. This can save a lot of time for future campaigns. To get a more detailed analysis and a different viewpoint, you can always consult your marketing mentor and use his inputs to plan your campaign better.

Over to you 

Marketers with relevant training and experience can offer so much more to businesses in terms of the results that they are hoping for. Filling the knowledge gaps by taking new courses and certifications will certainly help them in the long run and will also benefit their customers too. If you think that you can add something valuable to this blog or want to ask a question, you are more than welcome. For any feedback too, please use the comments section below.'
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