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How Artificial Intelligence will Change the Future of Web Design?

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What’s the tech world has in store for web design? Will websites automatically redesign to fulfill users’ demands with the help of artificial intelligence in near future?

Nowadays, users expect personalization at every level. They want everything that is predictable and easy to follow. They are looking for easy-to-use and intuitive features, mobile responsive layouts, actionable emails, user-friendly content, more advanced mobile notifications, all are handful of tricks that are now being executed in order to provide a more personalized experience. It is somehow difficult to achieve, but it can be completely possible with artificial intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Believe it or not, artificial intelligence AI can do wonders. It is tailor-made to make the difficult tasks of web designing easier. While artificial intelligence has been used in different industries for carrying out different tasks, but the technique is being observed more and more in the realm of web and mobile design industry. Now web design agencies are processing images, text and URLs to automatically shape them into functional and unique websites.

The shift of handcrafting every web page to automated personalization is because of the user behavior, helping to move the web design industry towards an object-oriented design approach. Now the web design industry is becoming leaner, effective and coherent. We are not only observing this change in web design industry, but video, online gaming and public transport are also considering using AI.

Applied artificial intelligence in web design is also eradicating all the technical barriers for non-tech people who want to collaborate across a myriad of devices without the hassle of knowing how to do all these tech stuff. We are gradually seeing the sparks of automotive riot in web design, as AI web design is growing progressively.

Automated Website Design and Development

Because of the hype about artificial intelligence and web design, some companies recently launched a DIY website creator and hosting platform. Take an example of The Grid here, a service that creates websites that make relevant design decisions completely based on artificial intelligence. It smartly analyzes your content to find out the perfect layouts, fonts, graphics and colors that best fit for your website, by making intelligent design decisions.

Artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming a critical factor for the products that we usually come across on a daily basis. Gradually, everything including iPhone, Facebook and search engines are powered by AI. The AI applications that users know are the instrumental apps that play with interaction like speech and handwriting recognition, that determine where the user experience is intensely figured out by how perfectly the artificial intelligence interprets user behavior and actions.

Challenge for Web Designers

According to some experts, the artificial intelligence is actually a threat for web designers that can lead to an increase in the unemployment. But it will not be the case. Do you think that artificial intelligence and machine learning can really replace the human designer and his intelligence?

Well, it is a big NO, neither automation nor artificial intelligence is going to eradicate web design, or to some extent web designers. If truth be told, AI and DIY website building platforms are totally relied on web designers who train them to learn and understand user demands and behavior. Training a machine how to think and perform like a designer can increase the need of interpreting the design goal into a system that completely meets a wide range of users’ requirements.

However, there is a never ending debate on this, because many people want to believe that a great web design is a type of profound, secretive magic, but our personal preferences are often deeply influenced by some external aspects. All in all, successful, visually appealing web designs are actually less random than we consider.

So, what can web designers do to stay up-to-date? Focus on users’ behavior and meets their needs, that’s it. For AI web design, web designers need to train computers to learn web and mobile usage patterns, so why can’t designers augment their skill set by learning to code smartly. Start working towards a future with artificial intelligence, because it is just because for the sake of providing outstanding user experience.

Most importantly, we should not forget that computers will never achieve one thing that is – human responsiveness. Don’t ever afraid of users. There will always be a need for good, smooth user experiences, provided by the real and intelligent web designers. They will always be expected to provide seamless experiences and manage this across different channels, designing user journey, not just a single interaction.


The web design industry have come a long way from business intranets, loading screens, flash effects and graphics. Web designers have full potential to take the web design to an entirely new heights with responsive and automation techniques. The web design industry is continually evolving, but one thing is for sure that the user is king. So start creating web designs and get the most of user-centered web design. Let’s see where this new era of web design world will lead web designers.

Saher Naseem
Saher Naseem
Saher Naseem (@SaherNaseemD) is a creative writer, blogger and a social media addict. Blog writing is her passion and she shares her knowledge and insights on the latest advancements, on-going trends and much more. Currently, she is working for Dubai Monsters - a leading web design company in Dubai that offers digital marketing solutions.