Saher Naseem

December 11, 2018

The Secret Formula to Getting Your Content Appeared in the Featured Snippets

Google is striving hard to provide quick and relevant answers to user queries. Its main focus is to fulfill user intent and show high-quality and accurate […]
December 5, 2018

Top 6 Web Design Trends You Will See in 2019

The world of web design is evolving at a faster pace. Web design trends come and disappear like the tides and seasons. With the advent of […]
November 23, 2018

5 Super-Easy Ways to Run a Successful Personalized Marketing Campaign in UAE

Every time you visit Amazon and see recommendations based on your purchase history or receive an email from your favorite brand promoting products tailored to your […]
June 4, 2018

Here’s How to Create an Exceptional Chatbot Experience

Since Facebook introduced chatbots to its messaging platforms, more and more brands are trying to understand how they can leverage this AI-based technology to their advantage. […]
February 20, 2018
5 out of the box images

What to Post on Social Media – 6 Out-of-the-Box Image Oriented Ideas to Spark Inspiration

If you are a digital marketing expert, your head must be perpetually buzzing with ideas to garner tons of likes, shares, and comments. Every social media […]
January 10, 2018
Here’s-How-Visual-Search-Can-Amplify-Your-Ecommerce-Business-Growth - NEW

Here’s How Visual Search Can Amplify Your Ecommerce Business Growth in 2018

Humans are visual thinkers. Be it trendy jewelry, a new pair of shoes, or a sofa set for your new home, you use your eyes to […]
January 8, 2018

4 Instagram Marketing Secrets Brands Should Learn from Generation Z

Do you think Instagram is hot? Well, the fad of fidget spinners was hot, and the Kim Kardashian gossip is definitely smoldering. Instagram is breathing fire! […]
December 8, 2017
best calender apps

5 Best Calendar Apps for Startups to Grow Their Business

Time is of the essence when you are operating on a shoe-string budget, laboring industriously to realize your business goals. In the midst of a chaotic […]
November 9, 2017

4 Essentials Tips for Creating Engaging Social Videos

Digital marketers are focusing on creating excellent social media videos these days. Do you know why? Because Facebook and Snapchat have exceeded 8 billion daily video […]
September 28, 2017
Shoppable videos into digital marketing strategy - Dubai Monsters

Incorporate Shoppable Videos into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Video marketing has more potential to generate higher returns on investment than display ads. This is why, brands have started investing in innovative video marketing strategies. […]