Avengers Infinity War: The Rebranding Takeaway Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know -

Avengers Infinity War: The Rebranding Takeaway Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

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Avengers Infinity War: The Rebranding Takeaway Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

Last year, Sean Gunn posted on Instagram about his secret project. Of course, the secret was in the form of humor because Sean was wearing an Avengers Infinity War cap with a logo on it.

But hold on. Did Marvel just change its title again? While there is no official news to back this up, apart from the fact that critics cannot stop raving about the appearance of Thanos in the gazillion trailers of Avengers Infinity War trailer, this new change of logo was rather uncalled for, but as Entrepreneurs, we can learn a lot about smart branding and how to rebrand to gain more attention.

The immense cast of the film, which may feature upwards of 67 characters, hints at a potent storyline, brimming over with twists and turns, cliff-hangers, and jaw-droppers. However, coming back to the issue at hand, as Entrepreneurs, it is indispensable to comprehend the pattern in which the market is running and go with the flow.

As rumor has it, the reason behind the logo overhaul is to make the emblem more in sync with the storyline of Avengers Infinity War. Same can be done by entrepreneurs struggling with their sales and failing to etch their message on the minds of their audience.Take out values that your brand stands for and inculcate them in your new brand.

When it comes to elevating your organization, it can be tempting to rebrand just for the sake of gleaning something shiny and new. Yet, when it comes to revising your organization’s brand, timing is of the essence. While I was running my second venture back in the year 2012, it was evident that the sales were not soaring as predicted. Having put all my eggs in one basket, a lot was at stake & I didn’t have the slightest clue on how to proceed?

Luckily, a friend of mine, who owns a digital marketing agency, and quite a successful one, suggested rebranding my venture. I still regret not following his advice at that time. But, now with Avengers Infinity doing the same with its logo, it is quite clear that re-branding is for the sake of good.

When you’re running a business and fail to grasp why you are not grabbing the attention of your potential customer, step back a little bit and notice the gap between your brand values and the needs of your customer. If you can bridge that chasm with your current brand, go for it. If not, it is best to re-brand your startup. In fact, it is not just about the startup; you can re-brand your company at any level where you feel that something is not working out.

Get the Outside Perspective

As an Entrepreneur, it is easy to lose focus and start seeing things from a close lens. When things go south, it is advised to ask for help, rather than thrash about aimlessly. You can take help from a mentor, or scrutinize the needs of your customers austerely. It is always about finding that sweet spot in the business, as explained by Scott M Fay in his brilliant book, “Discover your sweet spot”. What is a sweet spot, you may ask? It is the point where the core values of your business succeed at aligning with the needs of your customers.

Mind your Heart & your Business will do fine

Entrepreneurship is not always about being right. It is about being able to evolve with time.

There are tons of decisions that you’ll be bothered with day after day. Which is why you need to keep your heart in the right spot.

“Instinct is a marvelous thing. It can neither be explained nor ignored.” ~Agatha Christie

You need to listen to your inner voice while taking everyday decisions. Yes, sometimes it can be rather difficult to defy your brain, hold the thought and go with your gut instinct.One thing you need to ensure is that you don’t end up creating the wrong brand perception for your customer, under any circumstances.

If for some reason, you have created the wrong image for your brand, or chosen the wrong set of customers for your brand, it is never too late to re-brand.

Re-Brand without Losing the Soul of your Brand

One of the biggest mistakes that startups make while going forward with their re-branding is failing to maintain the true essence of their brand and keeping up with the brand story. When Marvel changed their logo, they made sure that the new emblem incorporated the soul and life’s blood of the old one. Even with the logo tweaked up, you instantly know at a glance that you are dealing with the brand Marvel. The only reason they revamped the logo was to accompany the storyline that is already keeping ardent aficionados on edge.

Throughout the rebranding process, you need to keep introspecting,“If our logo fell through, could our competitors slap their logo on our message?”

If the answer is yes, you haven’t yet arrived at your core brand value. Unless you have a proprietary product or a service with a well-established brand, chances are that the nature of what you do or offer is, in fact, similar to your competitors. This is why it’s essential that throughout the rebranding process, you must keep digging deeper to define more clearly why you do it (your purpose or reason for being), and how you do it differently or even better (your unique value proposition).

Stark, we need a plan of attack; I have a plan: Attack

To conclude it all. What is important is that no matter how much change you bring to your brand, you need to ensure that your brand is not losing its essence.

If your customers are not able to find a common connection between your brand’s previous image and the new one, it means that you have made a major slip-up. Worry not. You can always Attack (try harder) to bring back the image that relates to the values that your company offers.

Yousuf Rafi
Yousuf Rafi
Yousuf Rafi has been working with writing challenged clients for over four years. His educational background is in Computer Science coupled with Masters Degree in Business Communication. Being a tech-savvy he loves to write about latest happenings, and tips on web design & development, mobile app development, and SEO. Currently employed at DubaiMosnters.com – a digital design agency in UAE, Yousuf loves reading and exploring new ideas.