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Basic Branding Ingredients You Should Know About

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January 13, 2016
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Basic Branding Ingredients You Should Know About

Branding happens to be the most important aspect of the business, regardless of it being small, large or B2B. A solid branding strategy can take you to wonders and give you an edge over the competition like none other. But how does the branding impact a small business like yours?

Let’s take brand as a promise, a commitment made with a customer. It helps them to understand expectations, once developed, and differentiates you from the competitors. It is often called the winning edge. A brand is a solid representation of yourself in so many ways, what kind of person you really are and how you want people to perceive yourself as.

So what are the basic ingredients you need to know about the essence of branding? Here’s everything you need:

Brand Equity & Strategy

Brand strategy is more like the communication of the brand, the kind of message you want to deliver to your customers. It drives them, the delivery of a message and everything from ‘how’ to ‘whom’ are all a part of this strategy. Advertising the brand is also a part of the same.

If your branding is consistent and continues to add value to the company, it then leads to a strong brand equity. Consider it a value that you have created for your product, factors that make for you to ask a higher price than the competitors.

Brand Definition

This is where the self-discovery comes in. When you define the journey of your brand, it can begin to be a bit difficult and time-consuming at first but if you would make a few points that you need to cover, you will be fine!

Include the company’s mission, the benefits of your products/services, customers’ prospects and what do you want your brand to be associated with. All of this can be answered by means of thorough research on your customers and their perceived value.

Great Logo

Getting the right logo is critical to the success of the brand. Imagine it being placed everywhere. It needs to be really good and influential to be able to inspire people. Think Nike, McDonald’s and Puma as examples of a good logo. Can’t figure out one on your own? Not to worry, logo design services can certainly help you out. Whether you are Dubai-based or outside the region, logo design service in Dubai can help you out. There are so many professional logo designing agencies that can figure out the right blend for you and help you come up with a logo that fits your brand persona.

Integrating the brand website

It is important to be true to the persona of your brand and give its web design that look and feel which associates it to the profile of your brand. Any website designing company in Dubai can help you in these endeavors for brands emerge in the Middle East every day!

The current age is of digital marketing. It is best that you get on that horse and unleash your own brand with these helpful tips before it’s too late!

Mariya Sabeen
Mariya Sabeen
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