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13 Best and Worst Logo Redesigns that will Make You Rethink Yours

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13 Best and Worst Logo Redesigns that will Make You Rethink Yours

When big brands undergo a logo redesign, people take notice because it means that the brand they trust more has changed. Though it is quite challenging for brands to consider rebranding, but with the right approach and careful planning, you can come up with a perfect branding piece for your business.

Usually brands undergo a logo redesign when the brand takes on a new approach or direction with its services or products. However, it is very challenging for brands to get it right and usually there is almost mixed reactions to this logo revolution. When businesses successfully create an epic new logo design, the world takes notice, but when they come up with a worst logo design, the world notice it even more.

Famous brands update their logos repeatedly, and a logo redesign can actually be an effective marketing tactic itself. Obviously not every brand can hit the mark, as redesigning a visual identity is tough. Because brands exists on a number of social media platforms, so they have to look good and appealing. To illustrate this point, here is an infographic that consists of a list of top rebrands and logo redesigns.

Before we look at some of the best and worst rebrands of big brands, here are some amazing tips for redesigning your brand logo:

– Keep your old logo’s best qualities in mind

– Carefully consider your old logo for ideas

– Go for minimalism and simplicity

– Focus on the colors that matter most for your brand’s vision

– Follow new logo design trends, but stick to basics and classic traditions

– Use the right fonts to optimize readability

– Use symbols to convey the real brand meaning to add interest

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