Top 10 Best brochure Template for Creating Business Brochures

Top 10 Best Brochure Template for Creating Business Brochures

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Via using flyer or brochure template, a lot of businesses have been making flyers and business brochures quickly, that were striking and beautiful. This helps when people lack the time or the skills needed to make one from scratch. A completely customizable design template is a worthwhile option.

It does save time and at times, going through online platforms just to find the perfect matching template as per the needs and taste works quite well. Here are some worthwhile options which have been rounded up with a handpicked selection of the best flyer and company brochure template.

Best templates for flyers and brochures to check out

Here are some worthwhile templates of flyers and brochures which are chosen based on both design and utilization factors. Half of them will require licensing but most of them are downloadable. Let us now have a good look at them as they are made InDesign, Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe InDesign Brochure Template having yellow accents

Adobe InDesign created this template in A4 size. The template is equipped with 26 pages which can be easily edited. It is a wise choice for showcasing certain products like modern furniture, decorative objects and the like.

The template is a print-ready file which can also be saved as a low resolution PDF file. It can be easily uploaded to websites and be sent to both clients and business partners through email.

Square Brochure Template

The square brochure template begins with a modern, high end design which is best for a formal tone. It has 16 kinds of unique page layouts, has a well defined character and various styles of paragraphs. It works best if you provide local services such as movers in Vaughan or run a local bakery.

Corporate Tri-Fold Brochure Template

No business brochure ever has to look like a stuffed package. The Tri-fold brochure template is a fine example of such. The design is creative and is also worth working on as it helps add a hint of modern touch to the world of business.

Smart object layers are a unique feature of this template, which can be easily customized once downloaded. It is available in the AI, EPS, PDF and PSD file formats.

Sale Square Brochure


Promoting the latest fashion collection or items for sale is now possible with the Sale Square template. Its pages are square shaped which are designed professionally, and readily printable too. This would be perfect if you sell a drawing of picture or something creative and similar to customers.

It helps keep text, backgrounds and images on individual slides. This helps professionals make changes without altering the complete look of the brochure and its pages.

Red Brochure template

The advantage of the Red Brochure template is that it helps keep things both simple and classy. It has a square pamphlet like design which features slight pops of color on each page, helping the content stand out. The presence of creative image masks help highlight the picture in the brochure.

It can be edited in Adobe InDesign. Additionally, it is also available in the .doc and .docx file formats in MS World.

Standard Business Brochure

This brochure template features a stylish design with various geometric influences. It consists of 12 pages, options for images and more options for customization.

It allows mixing and matching pages, adding pictures and the branding elements too and can be fixed easily via Adobe InDesign.

Bifold Business Brochure

A simple yet effective solution, Bifold business brochure templates can be easily edited in Adobe InDesign. It has dynamic color schemes which are captivating. Hence, brands and businesses alike can use the color schemes of their choice to grab their audiences’ attention.

Graphic Design portfolio template for brochure

This brochure template helps showcase a portfolio for graphic design through an easily usable layout. It is compatible with both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. It consists of 30 pages with two paper sizes namely the American letter standard and the global A4.

The Royal Red Business Brochure

Those who are looking for a cutting-edge design, can go for the Royal Red Business Brochure. It is a creative business brochure template well suited for corporate promotions (and other business promotions). Consisting of 22 pages, it has well defined styles for character and paragraphs, with a built-in color palette.

A minimalist bi-folding business brochure

Minimalist templates are a hot favorite and a lot of graphic designers love it. This template has a clean and elegant quality in its personality, and it can be easily used. Its clean brochures design helps brands convey their message easily, and emphasis can be easily put on content because the graphics present won’t distract readers from it.


Without a doubt, Brochures have helped transform the digital era. No one can ever disregard the impact a physical advertisement can have on potential customers because of what can be read easily. They don’t have to research it online either. Brochures are among the best strategies to get the brand and products in front of the target audience.

The templates mentioned here can help businesses and brands create one which is compelling in visual terms. They can help create captivating brochures which will compel customers to read about the brand, what it does and how its products/services meet all the needs and wants.'
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