5 Best Calendar Apps for Startups to Grow Their Business -

5 Best Calendar Apps for Startups to Grow Their Business

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5 Best Calendar Apps for Startups to Grow Their Business

Time is of the essence when you are operating on a shoe-string budget, laboring industriously to realize your business goals. In the midst of a chaotic rat race, a great calendar serves as an accommodating personal assistant that keeps your tasks flowing smoothly. Here, we are in no way talking about the dull calendars hanging from your walls, but rather the innovative apps that make sure you find it a breeze to manage your hectic life.Without a calendar app, most business owners and first-time entrepreneurs would miss appointments, forget important meetings, and neglect to comply with stringent project deadlines.

But keep in mind that a calendar app is not the perfect choice for everyone. Every person has a unique workflow and different schedules. Some want their calendars to be simple and streamlined while others prefer customizable and robust calendar apps that effectively track tasks and notes along with important meetings and other events.

However, while your smartphone and laptop already come equipped with a calendar app, there are a number of alternatives that startup founders and entrepreneurs can use to boost their productivity and grow their business faster.

Features that Make Calendar Apps Awesome

Calendar apps have a basic function: To remind you of an important task or event, even when it completely slips your mind. However, the best calendar apps are not only functional, they are actually fun to use and help make entrepreneurs ultra-productive.

The best calendar apps incorporate these features that make them so awesome!.

Easy to Use

If adding a task or any event entails you to click your finger raw, or includes incessant tapping or menu exploration, this clearly shows that the app is intricate and difficult to use. If you are unable to find your schedule at a glance, you will definitely not enjoy using it. User friendliness is the key feature that makes a calendar app more effective.

Visually Appealing

A beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and uncluttered user interface make you use your calendar app several times a day. It offers a pleasant user experience. Beyond an aesthetically appealing design, the user interface should be intuitive, and able to tell different types of events apart, in addition to helping you glimpse a bird’s eye view of your schedule.

Shareable and Simple

Most calendar events involve many people. If you would like to keep your team on the same page for those events, you can invite others to see your calendar or subscribe to published calendars. It will also be a great option for the whole team to plan a date for a meet up.

Support Multiple Devices

A calendar app that seamlessly works across multiple devices (mobile and desktop both) can give you an immediate access to your schedule. Since we hardly work on a single platform these days, a cross-platform app is well-received.

Customizable and Feature Rich

If you are a busy entrepreneur who has to grapple with juggling a staggering number of tasks at once, power features such as customizable views and integration with online task management apps will greatly help you make the most out of your calendar app.

Here is the list of best calendar apps that you need to organize your day and complete all your tasks on time. Peruse through our list and find the best digital assistant for your business and personal life.

  1. Google Calendar

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A survey suggests that Google calendar is the most famous calendar app around the globe. It allows you to keep multiple calendars for your business, personal life, vacations and more – all in one place. You can use your existing Google account to use Google Calendar.

The color coding feature makes it easier to see important events at-a-glance. In addition, you can show or hide calendars for better focus on particular events or tasks. You can see work-related events and appointments and filter out important holidays.

Google Calendar can easily integrate with Gmail, so you can create a calendar event or appointment from an email or check your colleagues’ schedules along with your own. Inviting your co-workers to an event is another plus point of Google Calendar.

Google Calendar can also integrate with other apps such as Google Sheets, Trello and Evernote.

  1. Apple Calendar

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Apple Calendar is the default calendar present on all OS X and iOS devices. It means you can keep your calendar up-to-date across all iOS devices and on the web using iCloud. This ubiquitous app can easily be pulled in other calendar apps, like Google Calendar.

The clean and simple design of Apple Calendar easily puts user’s focus on events instead of the app itself. It is user-friendly and easy-to-use, especially if you know how iOS devices work. You can capitalize on a single plus sign to create a new event, add title, location, reminder, notes, or any invites.

  1. Microsoft Outlook

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One of the best calendar apps is Microsoft Outlook which serves as a personal information manager that notifies you about your next meeting or appointment. The Outlook app can easily integrate with your email, allowing you to view your calendar, emails, notes, contacts and tasks – all in one unified place. To put it in a nutshell, Microsoft Outlook is one of the best productivity tools for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Outlook works best when it comes to sharing calendars with colleagues. Using an Exchange Server account, coworkers can easily view each other’s schedules, manage other people’s calendars and subscribe to them as well. It also allows its users to view multiple calendars at once.

Moreover, you can drag and drop an email onto the calendar and turn it into a meeting or event. Users can quickly send a meeting request from both their email and calendar. Customization of the default view, colors and other intuitive features makes Outlook a preferred choice for startup founders.

  1. Outlook.com

Microsoft offers a free online version of Outlook for its users, which can easily be streamlined for all the essential features a user looks for in a calendar. No matter if you are using the online version of Microsoft Office or Outlook, this calendar will work best for your workflow.

A unique feature of family sharing is added on the Outlook calendar, where you can add adults or kids to your Microsoft account, and your new family members can easily access your calendar.

  1. Fantastical 2

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Fantastical 2 has everything a user could ever wish for in a calendar app, including a colorful and aesthetically appealing design as a bonus. The app is easy-to-use without sacrificing control over your meetings or task details. It allows you to quickly add an event or view the next few days of events. You can manage appointments and reminders smoothly, quickly adding notes, locations, invitees, URLs and more.

This calendar app has the ability to integrate with Today view gadget, Hand off support and a share extension that allows you to create events using other apps. Fantastical 2 is famous for its natural-language event creation. The app draws pertinent information, such as addresses and your team members’ availability using natural language parsing.

It lets you interact with the calendar app as frequently as you want to and on your own terms. In short, it is a viable alternative to default Calendar app.

Regardless of whether you check your calendar app every few minutes or just give it a go every now and then, the above mentioned calendar apps can help you stay organized while increasing your overall productivity. These apps will help you organize your day more efficiently. Don’t limit yourself to only one app; there are a plethora of online calendar apps that serve as productivity management tools. So go ahead and try them if you need robust options!

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