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10 Best Social Media Marketing Tools Too Good To Miss Out On

The Best Social media platforms for advertising
April 15, 2022
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June 10, 2022
The Best Social media platforms for advertising
April 15, 2022
Website cost in 2022
How Much Does a Website Cost in 2022
June 10, 2022
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10 Best Social Media Marketing Tools Too Good To Miss Out On

Let us be honest, great social media just does not take place overnight. It is also not a sprinkle of a few mentions and a pinch of worthwhile content. In other words, social media marketing and management has no magic formula to fix all issues in it.

Great social media is basically, like any other marketing strategy except that it is crafted carefully, measured well, managed properly and established on a strong foundation and clear tactics. Social media marketers should always be up-to-date with the latest practices and trends. They also must be fluent in using the latest tools to make the most out of their social media activities.

Social media scheduling tools are known to help social media marketers engage easily on social media and be active with the users too. This makes their load easier and creates the way for content on it to make a real impact. Those who wish to make a lot out of their social media channels this year, they should read this post and check the best tools in this regard.

For which reasons are social media marketing tools used?

Here are some key reasons social media marketing tools are widely used:

  • Multiple accounts: Social media marketers can manage multiple social media accounts from a single central platform.
  • Team collaborations feature: Multiple team members can be added to work with multiple accounts.
  • Analytics and reports: The social media team can receive detailed analytics reports on their social media activity.
  • Monitoring: Keywords can be monitored along with hashtags, other accounts and the like, which is related to the industry.
  • Scheduling: Posts can be scheduled whenever marketers cannot be online or feel like taking a vacation.
  • Create short-form video content:-With the help of social media marketing tools you can create engaging videos and can reach to your target audience. Type of Short-form video content such as Reels, TikToks, and YouTube Shorts, creating videos has become all the more important for brands if they want to stand out.

The Best Social Media Marketing Tools in 2022

Based on the recommendations of experienced professionals and experts in the industry, here are some of the best social media management tools marketers should definitely use this year:


social media marketing tool - Semrush


Known for its top-of-the-line SEO capabilities, Semrush is the ultimate social media management tool to uncover social strategies of competing firms. Professionals can schedule, and post to five social media networks, namely:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Semrush has a built-in image editor, link trimmer and a UTM creator. It also helps to benchmark social media performance as well as help you discover the best performing content. Here are some of its worthwhile features:

  • Its social media tool incorporates functionalities for automating posting, tracking and promotions, as well as analytics across all major social media channels
  • Campaigns can be tweaked as per the latest bench marking data
  • It helps social media marketers analyze social performance
  • Supports planning and scheduling of posts across major platforms, and can even help save drafts for later use

In terms of pricing, there are three plans:

  • Pro (USD$ 99.95 per month).
  • Guru (USD$ 199.95 per month).
  • Business (USD$ 399.95 per month).

Semrush’s social media tool will help you create the most effective social media strategies and analyze your social performance.



What makes HubSpot a worthwhile tool for social media management and among the best marketing tools for small businesses? It helps social media marketers keep a check on brand mentions, observe related conversations, automatically track engagements, and set the posting calendar for automated publishing at the right time, to the right audience.

These are the reasons HubSpot has made a worthwhile social media management tool for both individuals, brands, businesses, companies and agencies alike.

Whether marketers publish directly via HubSpot, or via other tools, or are doing so while on the move; they will be able to report on the social media strategy’s success across each social media channel. Thus, they can also compare the performance of multiple social media channels for measuring campaign performance. Integrating digital marketing tools for an enhanced and efficient measurement of overall success also facilitates a holistic assessment of the entire campaign.

Here are some notable features of HubSpot’s social media management tool which are worth the buck:

  • Scheduling posts for any time of the day
  • The ability to publish directly to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube
  • Connecting campaigns to social posts for tracing traffic to the most accurate source
  • Easily toggling between different social networks whilst using HubSpot
  • Ability to view all inbox activity, customer interactions and the like
  • Allowing users to access specific data regarding social media performance.


Month billing

  • Starter plan: $50 per month.
  • Professional plan: $800 per month or $9,600 per year.
  • Enterprise plan: $3,200 per month or 38,400 per year.

Annual billing

  • Starter plan: $40 per month or $480 per year.

Sprout Social


Sprout Social is an all-in-one social media management tool which not only helps the management of the most popular social media platforms 2022 but also enables managers to have full control over their social media marketing efforts in an improved manner. It has multiple level access, making it easier for users to coordinate and delegate tasks easily to other people in teams.

Furthermore, it provides complete post scheduling capabilities, a platform providing in-depth analytics as well as functionalities for social listening. Thus Sprout Social becomes one of the most effective ways to improve engagement, client relationships, and keep everything as per the social media marketing plan.

Here are some of its worthwhile features:

  • It has all the features a social media management tool needs such as publishing, engagement, analytics and the like.
  • It has an ability to track internal data, especially reply time, the total number of replies, and sentiments.

Its pricing does not require any card transaction for the free trial which lasts for 30 days. Additional payment plans are as under:

  • Standard plan: USD$ 99 per month for each user.
  • Professional plan: USD$ 149 per month for each user.
  • Advanced plan: USD$ 249 per month for each user.



Buffer is an intuitive and lean social media marketing & management platform. Trusted by numerous individuals and small businesses, it has helped them drive meaningful engagement and outcomes on social media.

The company has a suite of products for publishing, analytics, engagement, landing pages as well as collaboration among team members. Not only has buffer carefully considered its product development but also refined its products to help social media marketing teams work on a more effective and efficient footing.

Its pricing plans are flexible. Its free plan lasts longer than others. Paid plans stand at USD$ 5 and USD$ 10 per month. An additional fee of USD$ 10 per social media channel  is also charged with a trial period of 14 days.

Social Champ

Social champ

Social Champ is a well-known tool for social media management. It helps schedule content so it can be posted and promoted across all social media platforms quickly. The tool’s makers claim to help both brands and professionals raise their audience reach by 75%. Moreover, it has multiple social media automation features and integrations to help improve social media marketing.

If you are an entry level individual or a budding entrepreneur desiring an automation tool with a user-friendly interface for promoting content, Social Champ is the best choice for you. Its customer support is highly responsive and cooperative. Moreover, the tool allows social media marketers to repeat their content on both Facebook and Twitter.

Here are some of its salient features:

  • Bulk upload feature using a CSV file. It can schedule months of posts and content easily
  • Automatically posting content through an RSS feed
  • Repeating on both Facebook and Twitter
  • Recycling content through creation of collections of posts and using them in upcoming social media campaigns.
  • Allowing creation of social media content calendars and utilizing them to the max.
  • Content suggestion.
  • Shortening and tracking of links.
  • Social media analytics.
  • Team collaboration feature.
  • A Chrome extension is featured.

In terms of pricing, it starts from around USD$ 26 per month on a professional plan having the capacity of managing 12 accounts.


Known as one of the best social media marketing and management tools, Hootsuite has made it simple and easy to manage multiple accounts from a single dashboard. It also allows for smoother team collaboration across various team members.

Moreover, it also provides the major advantage of observing all comments and mentions in a single place. It also allows easy task assignment, schedule updates and posts across various channels.

Here are some of its outstanding features:

  • Monitoring multiple streams in one dashboard.
  • Scheduling posts in advance.
  • Connecting with the customer base via analytics and media listening.
  • Provision of detailed data on analytics (easily accessible).
  • Allowing easy team collaboration.
  • Ability to manage customer service on social media on an efficient footing.

Here are its price packages:

  • The Professional plan costs around USD$ 19 per month.
  • The Team plan costs around USD$ 99 per month.
  • The Business plan costs around USD$ 599 per month.



Another worthwhile tool in social media management is eClincher. It helps social media marketers publish, engage, and listen to customers and posts along with checking important analytics. The tool claims to be perfect for each business, brand and agency alike. The tool supports Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube.

Moreover, the process of scheduling is easy. All social media teams and professionals need to do is pick their accounts and enter their posts for scheduling and promotion. eClincher also provides an option for content repetition over certain intervals.

However, more advanced options are available in premium paid plans. Also, its user interface (UI) might need a bit of improvement.

In terms of pricing, it starts from USD$ 59 per month on the basic plan having one user managing ten profiles.



Scheduling and analytics tool only for use only with Instagram and Pinterest, Tailwind is a very good social media management tool.

It is known to help social media marketers improve their Instagram Marketing through its impressive posting features which help them determine the best time for that. It will also allow them to schedule videos and images. Hashtag recommendation also helps drive engagement upwards.

Moreover, the tool provides powerful scheduling on Pinterest where marketers can create 10 pins in one click on it with ease.

Where are some of its noticeable features:

  • SmartScheduling features will help marketers choose the right time for posting.
  • The tool provides hashtag suggestions that can multiply the reach.
  • It pins the best time for raising the engagement, reach and website traffic on its own.
  • For every pin and board, it provides user-friendly analytics.
  • It has a drag and drop calendar making scheduling much easier.

It is the official partner of both Instagram and Pinterest, and is user friendly as well. It is suitable for both small, medium and large enterprises as well as for freelancing professionals too. In terms of pricing, Tailwind can be tried for free. It has two plans namely:

  • Instagram Plus (costing around USD$ 9.99 per account per month).

Pinterest Plus (costing around USD$ 9.99 per account per month).



Canva is among one of the best free social media management and marketing tools with a user-friendly interface which allows marketers to make attractive images for their social media campaigns. The tool uses a drag and drop mechanism in its interface.

Here are some of its unique features:

  • Creating the brand’s visual identity with logo, colors and fonts.
  • Makes use of a drag and drop interface.
  • Has up to 60,000 free templates.
  • It helps users enable custom templates.
  • More than 60 million premium stock images, photos, graphics and videos are present in it.

Here are its pricing plans:

  • Pro plan monthly: USD$ 12.05 per user.
  • Pro plan annually: USD$ 9.95 per user (per month).
  • Enterprise plan: USD$ 30 per user (per month).


Sendible is a social media management tool specifically for use by agencies having numerous clients. One of its best features is the social media management tools present in it which allows marketers to customize their dashboard as per their branding. It is known to help them attract more clients.

The tool has impressive integrations, particularly the Canva graphics editor, image search free of royalty, and YouTube search. It also provides some automation for those who wish to save time on repetitive tasks.

In terms of pricing, it charges around USD$ 29, $99, $199 and $299 per month. Its enterprise pricing comes with a free trial of 30 days.



A marketing automation platform that offers a variety of channels to build well-rounded B2C communication. Apart from social media marketing tools, the service provides marketers with email and SMS campaigns, an email verifier, and a CRM system. 

When it comes to improving your social media marketing campaign, SendPulse has several essential features every small and midsize business will find useful. 

  • Improve customer support with Facebook Messenger 

Incorporating a Facebook chatbot is a great way to ease the load off your support team and improve your social media presence at the same time.

  • Engage with your Instagram followers 

Apart from answering FAQs about your business, Instagram chatbot by SendPulse can react to your followers’ stories that mention your brand. 

  • Build functional landing pages

Create a landing page for your Instagram bio, a portfolio page, or a mini online store. Your limit is your imagination. 


SendPulse offers free plans for most of the services with certain limitations in functionality. 

Paid plans for chatbots start at $10 per month.




Being a multifunctional platform for B2B outreach, Snov.io offers compelling social media lead generation and management functionality, in particular in the realm of LinkedIn and Facebook prospecting. With Snov.io, you can double your social media marketing power integrating it with email outreach.

For instance, owing to Snov.io Li Prospect Finder, you can find and collect email addresses of the prospective B2B customers from LinkedIn, add them to your email lists, segmenting the latter based on relevant firmographics. Further on, using Snov.io Email Drip Campaigns tool, you can create bulk email campaigns of any kind – newsletters, educational emails, special offers, etc. – and send them to your prospects in addition to contacting them directly via LinkedIn messages.

Integrating Snov.io with Facebook Lead Ads, you can add collected Facebook leads to your Snov.io database to automate outreach and grow your funnel. 

Finally, you can use Snov.io CRM for managing your social media sales pipeline. It allows you to manage prospect information and move the prospects you communicate with via your social media channels from stage to stage – all in one place.

In terms of pricing, Snov.io offers a freemium and 5 pricing plans depending on your needs: from S plan that will cost you $39/month up to XXL plan at a price of $739/month. Snov.io CRM comes as a free bonus to each plan.


It may sound a bit odd but these tools are certainly worth the buck and worth using too. These tools are among the best for social media marketers given their features and pricing packages. We hope that social media marketers can try them out and utilize them to improve and amp up their social media marketing.

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