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Best User Onboarding Experiences – Case Studies

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Best User Onboarding Experiences – Case Studies

There is no particular definition to defining the best user onboarding experiences, it’s always complicated like that. It’s because there are no set rules, only patterns to judge what’s right and what’s not – and patterns like these aren’t that easily found. Had they been that easy a catch, everybody would have been efficiently utilizing it.

To make user onboarding better, it is essential to understand that it is that important function of a creative web design that helps us understand the user better, what their motivations are, what are their pain points, etc. What follows next is the ability of the product to satisfy the desire of those users.

In order to better understand how to pull it off, let’s take a look at a few case studies that provides valuable and applicable lessons of user onboarding.


Duolingo is a language learning application that has a very smooth user onboarding experience. Starting with the product and ending with a signup form, there are so many reasons why people like to get familiar with this app. By reversing the funnel of kicking off with the product/service instead of leading the visitor to fill out a form straight away, Duo is rather believes in becoming friendly with the product first. The first that you can do as a visitor there is defining the language goal and as they move along, there’s a progress bar to look at that are motivating and keeps the user committed.

A valuable lesson learned from here is to introduce the visitor to the product first and keep their motivation uptight when they need it.


Crafted carefully with creativity and delivering a personality that shines in visual design, Tumblr gives users a different taste for community’s energy. To begin with, they have a user name generator in case users are confused about naming their blogs. Giving a sense of energetic and fun content, the suggested names in the onboarding experience are quirky and too good to deny. Then there are also walkthroughs that help in understanding the UI elements better to get the most out of Tumblr. Not to forget that there’s fun animated icons that add an element of delight to the overall user experience.

Tumblr is a great example of building a social community with a quirky, crazy and fun element attached. The onboarding experience is so exciting that you just want to begin using it right away.


Home to over 5 million questions, answers and threads of the very, Quora has a super fluent onboarding experience. You can find the information most relevant to your needs during the process and its super easy to go ahead from there. Personalizing interests is even easier and is very much similar to other platforms that are creating content-related value propositions like Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Even if Quora asks for an email, it’s because they want to ensure that there are people you already know on Quora.

Quora is an epic example of creating the perfect onboarding user experience given the fluency and personalizing options that don’t kill the momentum.

These are some of the best examples of user onboarding experiences that you can apply for your web design and to your business for better gains. After all, first impression really is the last impression. Work on getting that right to tempt your customers into enjoying the rest of the journey.


Mariya Sabeen
Mariya Sabeen
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