Great News! Now Startups Can Boost their customer support with WhatsApp Business

Great News! Now Startups Can Boost their customer support with WhatsApp Business

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Great News! Now Startups Can Boost their customer support with WhatsApp Business

“WhatsApp has done to SMS on mobile phones what Skype did to international calling on landlines.” – Financial Times

This one line has summed up WhatsApp perfectly as the most widely used and popular messaging app in the world. While SMS is still used but WhatsApp has been a dominant force ever since it was launched around ten years ago. And it has forayed into the business domain too so and has taken a strong start just like Facebook Messenger. More on this later as the comparison is inevitable with both being part of the Facebook empire.

WhatsApp Business is a dedicated tool for brands and businesses to connect to their customers. There are some very smart features in it that can make a business work well for any startup or SME. Having a look at the screenshots below will give you a good idea about its features and what you can achieve with it.

Here are some of the best practices of AI that help entrepreneurs to boost their businesses.


1.  Instant Communication

The power of communication in a business is undeniable. By giving prompt answers to the customers, you cannot only earn their satisfaction but can also increase their business revenue. But for the business person, it can become hectic to stay online 24/7. And the customer can check your website anytime – either in the middle of the night or early in the morning. Here, AI-powered chatbots take the role by staying in constant communication with the clients. Regardless of the unofficial timings, they help you to stay on top of the customer queries.

Businesses like Ecommerce or real estate agencies always have customers popping on the chat asking about the accessories or properties. If you don’t have constant chat support, competitors can easily knock you out of the game. So, being an entrepreneur taking advantage of this technology will help you to gain better ROI and customer satisfaction.


2.  Creating Personalized Experience

By using AI technology, content marketers, ecommerce business and data scientists are now able to improve customer retention on the site. By collecting the customers’ data and learning from it will not only help to grow their business but will also help them to lead the competition. For example, the customers’ data you collect on your ecommerce website can be used by marketers to create personalized recommendations based on their searches. The successful mobile app development companies in Dubai use AI to intrigue customers searches and create an app that appeals to the customers.

AI in SEO, gauge the immaculate work impact by helping to create a brand persona and brand building. When you know the demographics of your audience, you can quickly understand how to target their interest and the tips to make your product known to them. More importantly, by leveraging most of your AI technology, you can undoubtedly stay on top of your customer’s data insights.


3. Improving the Quality of Content

AI integrated search engines are doing a great job is creating user-friendly and quality content. By using deep learning algorithms, the business can improve the grade of the content, increase readability and boost credibility. It not only helps to generate the best quality content but also business to shape the content according to the desired outcomes of the reader.

At the same time, using search engine capabilities, marketers can gather information and pick the trends in the aura of content marketing. It is the golden aspect of AI that will make you visible in the crowd by following the latest marketing strategies.


4.  Overcoming Language Barriers

For humans, it can become challenging to interact with customers who don’t speak their native language. But if you program an AI chatbot for different languages, you can increase the customer traffic on your site and gain customers for your business globally. It also helps to extend your global reach and makes your brand visible outside your respected region.

If you’re a small business then using AI chatbots for translation will help your customers to stay on your website. And if you’re an ecommerce site then your customers can gain outstanding advantage using the AI translation tool.

These are the top trends of AI among the many. But if entrepreneurs start leveraging these top four trends, they will get great exposure and increased business revenue for their website. I hope you’re ready now to implement these trends to gain successful results for your business. Stay tuned or drop us your query in comments to learn more about AI in business.


Hammad Husain
Hammad Husain
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