20 Famous Brands that have Undergone a Successful Name Change - [Infographic] - web design dubai

20 Famous Brands that have Undergone a Successful Name Change – [Infographic]

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20 Famous Brands that have Undergone a Successful Name Change – [Infographic]

20 Famous Brands that have Undergone

Too often, in the digital world, entrepreneurs treat a brand name as an afterthought, absent-mindedly decide on either a descriptive slurp, something goofy or just use a product name instead of an actual brand name. It is very tough to get your brand name right and experience the unavoidable pain of logo redesign.

No matter if your original brand name is too descriptive, is not the right fit for your business, or simply doesn’t complement with your brand’s vision, there are a number of other reasons why companies name just does not work. But before you launch your business name, it is critical to make sure you have found the right name for your brand. Don’t feel scared to change it, as there are big names who underwent a name change and came up with better and improved versions.

A brand’s name can either make your business or break it. Did you know that many famous brands actually started out with completely different names? Check out this infographic below and find out which famous brands had changed their names and so logos.



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