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Build Your Website in Style – 6 CSS Tools for Web Developers

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February 17, 2016
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February 22, 2016

Cascading Style Sheets are considered as essential elements for every website, as they have the ability to control the page layout, fonts, positioning and many more. However, there are some aspects of CSS that are awkward. This is the reason CSS is continuously undergoing revisions, currently CSS3 is the latest version that gives web designers many options to play with the page layout and elements.

With its latest coding features, CSS3 now has the power to create image effects with code, providing more control over the overall look of the layout. Image effects include gradients, text, shadows, border-radius and many more. It is worth noticing that CSS3 is compatible with the pages designed with the previous version.

If you are planning to developing or revamping your business website design using CSS, these tools are worth using.   

1. Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

While creating all types of web designs, many web designers opt for a program that is of course, Adobe Dreamweaver CS6. Fluid Grid Layouts is a useful feature that is helpful in creating multiple layouts, including, desktop, mobile and tablets at one go. Dreamweaver CS6 allows you build a mobile version of a website quickly, then you can use the mobile development framework PhoneGap. It also supports HTML5 based user interface like jQuery Mobile.

Dreamweaver CS6 also include updated multiscreen preview panel that allows you see how HTML5 renders and incorporation with the Adobe business catalyst platform. It also helps you integrate a large number of web fonts into your website design project.

2. TopStyle5

TopStyle5 is an editor for HTML5 and CSS3, offering a number of benefits. Though CSS3 offers a number of possibilities, it does not support well on all browsers. For this, web developers need to go for CSS vendor prefixes to ensure it works smooth on all browsers. TopStyle 5 also makes sure cross-browser compatibility by its Prefix that will add vendor prefixes to your code.

The iWebKit 5 platform allows you create a website or an app compatible with iOS platforms. While image maps allow you create hotspots that will take the user to another page. The CSS Gradient Generator allows you create vertical, horizontal and diagonal gradient with pure CSS3, without creating an image. There is a reverse button that will let you reverse the gradient.

3. Rapid CSS Editor

This amazing tool allows you write a website coding manually or by using a wizard. While creating CSS for HTML layouts, using the wizard is an instant step. You can select a font, size and color of the link of your choice and get the CSS code.

4. Firebug for Firefox

This is an open source ad-on editor that allows you scrutinize the code on a web page without making any alterations to that code. You will have the option to turn the items off or add coding and save your settings for the future projects. Firebug is a perfect way to learn HTML code and do productive editing to change the layout of a web page. Moreover, the Firebug also has the capability to use a JavaScript debugger and strong extensions that add more power to the program.

5. CSS Menu 3.3

Menu creation is a difficult step of website development. To overcome this, CSS menu 3.3 allows you create both horizontal and vertical navigations. This will certainly make your website easy to use. You will find the list of menu items that includes, controls of opening, saving, publishing, adding, and subtracting. Plus, you can choose either to create a horizontal menu or a vertical navigation that let you select the text, link, alt text, besides any icon of your choice to your navigation menu.

Moreover, it also has a templates and icon section. Templates allow you to choose from the horizontal and vertical menu for creating navigation menu while the icon tab lets you choose from various options to display alongside the menu item. You can also have the liberty to choose the font, color, hover and box of your choice. This will certainly give you more flexibility for add style to the menu, sub-menu, and the text.

6. CSS3 Button Generator

Creating buttons is indeed a time-consuming task. The CSS3 Button Generator allows you create custom buttons for web pages. Keep in mind that the buttons created with this generator will only work with the browsers that support CSS3.

There are several sections in CSS3 button generator, including, Font, text, box, border, background, hover and CSS code; you can choose any option of your choice. When you are done with the settings, simply copy the CSS code and Web Kit settings, and you are all set to use it in your web designs.  

These CSS tools will definitely make the life of web designers easier, helping them accomplishing their CSS programming task and developing a full-functioning website in no time.


Saher Naseem
Saher Naseem
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