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Can Brochures Really Make Your Business Profitable?

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May 20, 2016
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Can Brochures Really Make Your Business Profitable?

Brochures stand as printed marketing collateral that is quite an amazing marketing tool. When designed with great attention to detail and product-specific information that fits perfectly, a brochure becomes more than just a collectible item for your customer.

So why do organizations hesitate about utilizing brochures as an active marketing tool? It’s because they are under the impression that it is no more a contemporary tool and falls under the category of expensive marketing activities.

Little do they know the reality, brochures are still an effective marketing arsenal for various top-notch organizations. Take brochures of Fiat, an Italian automaker, for example. They use brochures to deliver their product information in a precise, thorough and captivating manner that attracts the reader. Take a look at another Fiat brochure here to see how it wins over the customer.


Does this make Fiat look old-school? Nope. They are smart marketers as they are still holding on to the right marketing arsenal to sell their products better.

An automobile is not the only thing that people would want to research thoroughly before they go for a purchase decision. This is where your brochure comes in as a tangible selling point. It connects you with the buyers by introducing them to the products/services you are to sell in a way that will appeal to them.

Dubai Monsters pointed out a few points that can aid in the process of making your business profitable via brochures.

Rethink the Headlines

Journalists go through a lot of pain to come up with the perfect headlines, and they have a good reason for it. Good headlines can really make a mark. So conduct proper research before finalizing headlines for the brochures or use this really good tool, CoSchedule. Remember, the name of the product does not make a good headline.

Right and Precise Information

When compared to other print items, only brochures can offer information in a comprehensive manner. With creative visuals and precise information, you can make your brochure stand out in accordance with the needs of the customers. Include sections to break your information into pieces making it easier for the reader to absorb. A bonus tip here is to get rid of history and unnecessarily lengthy information about your company when your target is to focus on and sell your products.

Get Creative with Designs

This may sound like a cliché but a unique design does get you noticed. Get creative when creating a design for your brochure. Take a look at this brochure as an example. See what the brand did here? They cut out a shape of the lotus to distinctively beautify the design in a manner that doesn’t look overdone but just right.

brochure example

Story telling

Design a layout for the brochure and then tell a story. It will be like killing two birds with one stone: Connecting products/services for better selling in combination to each other and giving a better understanding of the products/services altogether when comprehended. To ensure a better return, you can always end it with a call to action with an undivided attention of the user.

Coupons & Discounts

Everybody loves freebies! If you think you can squeeze in coupons or discounts then don’t forget to include them in your brochures. Highlight them right in the beginning so that the reader has something to get excited about. Discounts are proven to bring immediate business.

Mass Printing

A myth about brochure design and printing is that it is quite expensive. If you have a small market not requiring massive printing, business owners cut some cost and compromise on the designs overall – certainly not a good call. If you get them printed in masses, your overall cost will be reduced to a minimum cost per brochure.

Follow Up with Sales Team

Include brochures in your marketing campaigns for better customer interaction. Once the lead has been generated, ensure that the sales team follows up with the customer to bond. This is where most businesses fail as they let the trail run cold. Get a grip on it to keep your customers.

Highly Recommended for B2B Marketing

In B2B markets, the businesses are well aware of the buyer personas since they are not that large in number. Once the buyer personas are known to us, it becomes easier to keep them in mind while designing the brochure and deliver to their expectations.

With the right approach, a marketer can do wonders. Brochures are a part of the similar approach.

Make sure that your brochure is perfect in terms of deliverables. Follow the above mentioned points to make your business profitable by means of brochures. Either design one yourself or let professional brochure design agency lend you a hand. Good luck!


Mariya Sabeen
Mariya Sabeen
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