Digital Marketing

February 12, 2018
GIF Animation guide

The only GIF Animation guide that Social Media Marketers need to succeed

A Ferris wheel. Racing cars. Your content. Some things are best understood when they are set in motion. If you want to create a lasting impact, […]
February 7, 2018
bye bye to facebook newsfeed

Say Bye to Trash Content: Facebook Newsfeed Will Only Show Meaningful Updates

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, so people can interact with people in meaningful ways.But, along the way, the focus shifted from people to making money. […]
January 29, 2018
YouTube Channels

7 YouTube Channels Every Digital Marketer Should Subscribe To In 2018

There exists a YouTube channel for each interest… we guarantee you… even ones you didn’t know you harbored. The embarrassment of riches promised by the gigantic […]
January 24, 2018

Digital Marketing Evolution: Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye On In 2018

As digital marketing continues to take over the traditional marketing methods, it is evolving to keep pace with the growing consumer demands. The year 2017 was […]
January 23, 2018
7 common social media mistakes

7 Common Social Media Advertising Mistakes You Should Stop Making Right Now

We are all humans and therefore prone to making mistakes. However, when it comes to social media advertising, perfection takes precedence as there is no room […]
January 8, 2018

4 Instagram Marketing Secrets Brands Should Learn from Generation Z

Do you think Instagram is hot? Well, the fad of fidget spinners was hot, and the Kim Kardashian gossip is definitely smoldering. Instagram is breathing fire! […]
December 29, 2017
social media generation, generation z social media statistics

7 Infallible Marketing Tips to Attract and Engage Generation Z on Social Media

If you were born sometime between the year1995 and 2012,consider yourself an unwitting member of the prestigious club, commonly known as “Generation Z”. If you look […]
December 26, 2017

How To Get More Facebook Likes For Your Business? 10 Sure-Fire Ways That Work

To be honest, I still can’t get around the fact of how ingrained Facebook has become in our lives, both professionally and personally; as individuals and […]
December 19, 2017

How to Become a Social Media Manager? 5 Things-To-Do in the First Week

How to Become a Social Media Manager? 5 Things-To-Do in the First Week Walking the thin line between simply garnering the title of a social media […]
December 11, 2017

7 TED Talks Every Social Media Marketer Must Watch

Be it generating a higher ROI, creating a social media strategy, tying your social media goals with your business objectives, justifying social media budget or maintaining […]