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Combining Your Traditional and Digital Marketing Strategies – Is It Really Worth It?

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Combining Your Traditional and Digital Marketing Strategies – Is It Really Worth It?

If your business has a comprehensive yet effective marketing strategy, chances are you can smartly use traditional and digital marketing methods to boost your business. Traditional and digital strategies may seem like entirely different, but actually they are not. Marketing becomes more effective when all activities are efficiently incorporated and work closely together towards completing the goal of generating leads and growing your brand. Following some basic rules for combining your digital and traditional marketing strategies together can help you come up with a completely optimized strategy that works best and help you achieve your goals.

Goal Planning is a Must

Like any other marketing activity, start with setting your goals that you would like to achieve through traditional and digital efforts or via mix strategy. When you have a purpose for each of your activity, you can better see where they all fit together and can operate effectively. Every marketing campaign has a few objectives, no matter you are talking about the number of leads, revenue generation or brand awareness. When you have a clear goal for each project, you can easily determine which activity is better to opt for and which activity is redundant.

Moreover, outlining your goals can help you calculate the resource allocation for every project based on the urgency and significance. Your goals can be in the form of KPIs and ROI. Depending on your company and brand image, there is always a room for both traditional and digital marketing efforts. To determine that, it is important to know what objectives you need to achieve for those processes to be valuable.

Consistency is the Key

It is the most obvious ingredient that clearly determines the success of a company and its marketing processes. Without having a clear marketing strategy, customers become confused and unable to find what they are actually looking for. By creating reports for both of your activities for the digital and traditional marketing processes, you are more likely to achieve absolute consistency.

Communication is Essential

Communication is essential to every process you do for your business. It is more important for those companies who may have multiple marketing departments. Without proper communication, the whole process falls apart. The best way to ensure communication works is by establishing cross collaboration and conversation. It is advised to use messaging systems like Slack.

Create weekly debriefings to quickly discuss the tasks coming so that everyone can be on the same page. It really works and helps you streamline all the marketing activities while creating some great opportunities for extra input. In fact, inter-department communication and collaboration can really help you come up with the best solutions to your most problems.

Moreover, sharing results and insights gathered through different methods of testing and campaigns can help you better find the marketing solutions that work best for your business. Keep in mind, productivity and efficiency are always be the hallmark of all the activities we do, so keep in touch with your team.

Multifaceted Campaigns

Believe it or not, traditional and digital marketing activities can go hand in hand and depend on one another to generate leads. Consider some traditional marketing methods such as print advertising, ads, promotional materials like brochure design, flyer design, business cards, mailers, coupons, publicity through press release, and interviews; they all are considered as the first step for a consumer to discover your business and become interested in what you have to say.

While digital marketing techniques include, social media promotion, SEO strategy, PPC campaigns, banner ads, video publicity, remarketing campaigns, email marketing etc. You can come up with a plan to combine these tricks to capture new customers.

There are different ways that traditional and digital marketing can work together to achieve the best results for gaining more and more customers while retaining the existing ones. Don’t be afraid to integrate both marketing efforts and don’t lose hope if things don’t work initially. It takes a lot of time, patience, determination, testing and re-testing to find the perfect solution that actually optimize your money and your marketing efforts both.

Saher Naseem
Saher Naseem
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