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Content Strategy- Tips, Benefits and its Purpose

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For the development of a powerful and persuasive content, a handful research is considered utmost important. Unique ideas and creative strategies help generate audience and build market for your brand.Researching new content ideas and producing epic and shareable content is a tough job, it requires exhaustive and effective research. What should be your content strategy to promote your product effectively? Well here are some tools to boost your marketing campaigns.

1. Use Google Keyword planner and Ubersuggest: Google Keyword is a part of the Google AdWords program which is used to create a PPC strategy for the promotion of brands, products or services. Likewise, Ubersuggest is another tool that suggests keyword filtering your needs.

2. Social Crawlytics: Use Social crawlytics to know which URLs are trending, this platform is totally free and produces specific results for distinct industries.

3. Apply Content Tracking: One of the helpful tools in this tech industry regarding the most shareable content on social sites is Buzzsumo, which charges $99 monthly and helping intensively from keywords to visual effects.

4. Think for Common Plans: Most of the successful websites carry questions and answers group. In this place, people share their stories, from which you can take inspirations for your content and most of the comments and suggestion are given by original identities. With this sharing idea, Slideshare is the best place to view MS PowerPoint presentations from any topic uploaded by people from around the globe. This platform will give you information from higher to simpler level.

5. Stick to Online Communities: This idea of digital marketing will help you in expanding your business, getting contact with communities will increase your contacts and update about latest marketing trends regarding technology and software.

Benefits of having an Effective Content Strategy

Content strategy helps you supervise your content as a business asset. There is no specific template for developing a strategy, you have to be creative and imaginative for shaping your content strategy It is important to switch your content strategy often, this gives a periodic tune-up.

The importance of having a content strategy can be evaluated by considering the fact that marketing tactics are ever changing. Those documented with a proper content marketing strategy consider themselves less challenged and produce effective content. Content strategy is a culture; it is a mindset, an approach to delivering the right information. A survey by a Content Marketing Institute showed that 83% of the B2B marketers have an effective content strategy whereas, only 35% of them actually documented it.

Purpose of having a Strong Content Strategy

Ensures Consistency
A content strategy not only tells you what should you be focus upon, but it also helps to identify what topics you should be avoiding. Your strategy guidelines determine your consistent approach and dictate your brand’s voice.

Increases Effectiveness
Designing a proper content strategy will be effective for your marketing campaign. Do not forget to measure how effective your strategy is by keeping an eye on your likes on social media or any other metric that shows your effective propagation in masses.

Effective content with larger lifespan
Never compromise on quality; always produce quality content, it will increase its lifespan by its continuous shares on social media or on any other forum. The correct content strategy will help your content get reposted across different channels and will help masses, this in turn will give you a much larger network or audience to promote your stuff in.

With a solid content strategy, you cannot only pursue a successful marketing campaign, but this also helps you focus on what is important for your brand while helping you act sharply.   


Irfan Ak
Irfan Ak
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