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Corporate Branding – Doing it Right

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Corporate Branding

The world class dominating brands have a real strong personality. They demonstrate the strength via doing the corporate branding right. Even if you remove their name, their essence and influence is such that the consumers will know them the moment they see a tagline, a logo, a character, a flagship product or anything.

However, it is imperative to understand that strong brands undergo processes that have carved them into what they are today. Let’s take a look at a few of the aspects that help the brands reach their destiny.

Understand: Brand is more than just a logo

If you want your brand to be a solid domination all over the world, or at least in the eyes of your niche, think of your brand more than just a logo. Brand is more like the personality, the purpose of existence, what you stand for and who you really are, as well as the target audience. A corporate logo, however, is a representation of the brand and is merely a piece of it. Consider it a visual representation of your brand.

Remember: Consistency is Key

In order to maintain a strong a brand, or even if you are on your way to developing one, remember that consistency is key. Be it in terms of quality, quantity or what you do best anyway, consistency should be a regular experience for the customers. Businesses who maintain consistency are the ones the audience recognizes in an instant. For those who let their customers experience fluctuations, they have a hard time keeping them, so brand recognition is a distant dream for them.

How do you go about developing a strong corporate brand?

Starting off a corporate branding campaign can really be challenging. It feels like it’s really going to take all the time in the world, energy and expensive resources that may or may not be affordable. Our clients are often found confused regarding the matter. So we decided to provide a strong brand direction to all those clients, entrepreneurs, existing business owners looking forward to further their businesses and various others.

The Corporate Branding Process

1. Understanding and Auditing

If it is a new brand then understanding the brand, what it stands for and why is it needed, could be few questions that you may ask yourself. For the existing brands, take a look at the current values and conduct an audit that what really is wrong with the brand. Is it that you’re having trouble keeping up with the consistency? Is there something that needs to be eliminated? Anything that requires transformation? If so then this is the time to actually evaluate it and the competitors too. This may aid in figuring out the weaknesses.

2. The Brand Promise & Team Work

Gather everyone in the organization. If it’s a humongous setup, don’t just call in the marketing or branding people; include the team leaders from all the departments. Ask them about the brand reputation and what part do they have in creating or maintaining one. If everybody is involved, the brand promise will be delivered more easily and will be reflected throughout the entire organization first and will dominate the world gradually.

3. Take a look at the Logo

Next step is to design a logo, for the new brands, or updating it, for the existing ones. Remember, a logo is the prime representation of your brand so you can’t just ask that friend a favor who was really good with it back in high school. Hire a professional design agency that can help you out for this is going to be the face of your brand and is a long-term matter. Dubai Monsters is a professional web design agency that brings out the originality and uniqueness from within a brand. Take their advice in the matter.

4. Implementing the basic Guidelines

Basic guidelines would include the basic techniques, those practices that will help your brand in the recognition, now and later. Involve everyone in creating a set of guidelines that actually matters. This includes the color decision in the logo making, the size of the logo and how it will be placed in various other situations, like in a black or white background, or any public marketing materials that need revising.

Just remember that while you are at it, ensure that everyone is on board. The more team starts to own it, better the chances of word getting out as a positive word-of-mouth throughout. Your employees are valuable and are the first ones to shout out the success – keep them close.'
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