7 Ridiculous Halloween Costume Ideas for Geeks & Digital Marketers -

7 Ridiculous Halloween Costume Ideas for Geeks & Digital Marketers

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With Halloween just around the corner, the excitement runs high. Everyone is getting ready to horrify others with its costumes and looks. How can digital marketers especially, social media marketers, people that keep a close eye on ever-changing social media trends left out? Unlike others who are confused about what to wear on Halloween, social media marketers, do not have to look elsewhere for inspiration. They can easily find it on social media.

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To help social media marketers find the right costume this Halloween, here are some unique Halloween costume ideas they social media marketer should try.

1. Take Inspiration From Facebook and Other Social Networks

We all have different preferences when it comes to social networking websites. Some people love Facebook while others like to spend more time on Twitter. One of the simplest Halloween costume ideas is to dress according to your favorite social network. Give your friends a shock by becoming a Facebook troll or experiment by wearing a corkboard to show your love with Pinterest. You can also mix and match to create a unique mashup for some of your favorite social networking websites. The possibilities are endless and the only limiting factor is your creativity.

2. Instagram Filters and Frames

Instagram Filters and Frames

With more than 600 million total users and 400 million of them using Instagram daily, there is no better place to find inspiration for your Halloween costume. Have you ever thought about making a costume out of Instagram filters and frame? I can bet your answer is no. Give it a try and you will be amazed at the results. Just make sure that you choose ones that make you Halloween ready. All you really need is a cardboard and printer to design a Halloween costume that can make you stand out from the crowd. You can get full marks if you could mimic or match cellophane to the colors of actual Instagram filters.

3. Snapchat Filters and Lens Costumes

Snapchat Filters and Lens - Halloween Costume Ideas - DubaiMonsters

A social media marketer should look like that, social media marketer. There is no better way to do that this Halloween than dressing like a Snapchat filter or lens. Just choose your favorite Snapchat filter and visit any dollar store. Don’t forget to add some paint and makeup for a horrifying Halloween look, which will send a chill down your friends spines when they see you on the day. Head on to YouTube and you will easily find makeup tutorials. Follow the step by step instructions and get ready to surprise your friends this Halloween.

Witch Costume

Witch Costume ideas - DubaiMonsters

Witches and witchcraft are at the heart of Halloween. Get a black witch costume and top it off with a pointed cap and a magical stick and you are good to go. Add some makeup to make yourself stand out and don’t forget to add large fingernails to complete the witch look. Add some black paint to your face or buy a witch mask. The witch might be the perfect get up for females but what about males. Well, they can become a ghost with a mask with blood spewing from the tongue. Another option cloud is a clown. Just get creative and you will end up looking far more dangerous than you actually are.

Owl Costumes

Owl Costumes ideas for halloween

How can Halloween be complete without an owl? Well, owls are an integral part of Halloween as they are the most important companions of a witch on this day. Owls are a symbol of wickedness, darkness and are attributed to superstition. All the characteristics that make it an ideal choice for Halloween. An owl gets up might be a perfect look for Halloween as it highlights your dark side which is what you want to do on this day. Add a few features to add some real feel to it and add a mask to go with it.

Bat Costumes and Masks

Bat Costumes and Masks- costumes ideas for halloween

Even though the real bats might be hibernating when you are celebrating Halloween but the fact is that you can not keep bats out of the Halloween. Bats and Halloween are synonymous with one another. These small mammals are associated with death and darkness because they stalk at night. Wow, does that aligns with what you want to do this Halloween? Why not experiment with a bat get up this Halloween. Become a vampire bat this Halloween get ready to feed on the blood of anyone that comes your way that night.

Cat Costume

For a social media marketer, the cat might not seem like the right fit for Halloween due to viral cat videos that regularly do the rounds on social media. That is only one side of the coin. Cats do have a darker side as well. Just like owls, cats, especially black cats with glowing yellowish-orange eyes are the perfect partner of a witch on Halloween. That is why black cats are considered a symbol of bad luck and associated with curses. You could be that cat and cast a dark shadow this Halloween. These costumes are easily available in the market and you can easily customize them to give yourself a frightening look.

How would you plan to spend this year Halloween? What are you wearing this Halloween? Let us know in the comments section below.

Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui
Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui
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