Master the Art of Crafting Powerful About Us Pages that Builds Trust & Boosts Revenue

Master the Art of Crafting Powerful About Us Pages that Builds Trust & Boosts Revenue

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Master the Art of Crafting Powerful About Us Pages that Builds Trust & Boosts Revenue

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”

Milton Glaser – American Graphic Designer

Yes, WOW is what the designers aim for, and the visitors of a website or anyone looking at a graphic/picture, exclaim in awe. Obviously, it is not easy to come up with such a design every time, but in the end, this is what matters. For a website to be able to attract the eyeballs, the WOW factor is an absolute necessity.

Web design for the landing page and home page is taken care of, but we seldom emphasize other pages, especially the informative ones. Business owners tend to ignore pages like About Us, Why Us and other pages related to the company’s information. As a company owner, thinking about what a visitor needs to know about your business is what should be your priority.

Putting together a great About page is not about telling what you do in simple English. You can use storytelling to come up with an anecdote about how you began your business and complement it through great design that gets the visitors hooked.

What’s the About Page is All About?

The about page isn’t about you but your visitors and the value you will provide them. It is about what the new visitors will learn about your journey, the challenges you faced before reaching the point where you are now. This will forge your credibility and make the visitors stay around to check out what you have to offer on your website. So, when planning your About page, think about what your website offers your target audience and how it might be useful for them.

Take a look at the About page of Tumblr and why it is a great example.

It’s certainly not just about a cool picture or avant-garde graphics. It’s about the ease of use of how Tumblr offers support to people who are using the platform. In just three lines, the value of Tumblr, important details about the company and the number of current blogs are mentioned for maximum impact.

Why Should Anyone Browse Through your Website?

Do you offer something related to web design and how companies or individuals can get some inspiration? And in terms of content, is it authentic, credible and up to date? If not, just the design will not create the impact that is required. Displaying of social proof, like testimonials and logos of businesses or websites you work or collaborate with. If you’re just starting out, just say so! Let visitors know you’re still learning and you’re sharing your experiences as they happen.

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Weave a Powerful Story

A powerful story is what you need to tell through your content and design. And between weaving a story, you can use this section to offer a job or tell something about an upcoming HR event. Talking about the design page, you can show a picture of your whole team to connect to your audience.

Your story, coupled with apt design, must be good, if not amazing, and people are more likely to connect with it and share it. Through apt storytelling, and great design and layout, your About page can outshine the websites of your competitors.

Aptly Describe your Business and the Portal Itself

How did your website get started? Don’t be afraid to be honest here about how your site came to be. Maybe you get the inspiration from a rag to riches story or you just felt that you need to start a business as you are fed up with your 9 to 5 routine. Whatever is the case, you need to come up with a description so that your target audience will connect with you.

We all know what Facebook, as most of us are addicted to it. But I am sure not many of you have visited the About Us page of Facebook. Take a look at it.



The stats are staggering as you would expect but look at the simple design highlighting the stats with sunshine on the foreground making the page look bright and vibrant. A strong impact is created with just the stats alone and the design is the icing on the cake. Design for about pages doesn’t have to be too professional as it will give a boring vibe to it. Also, avoid buzzwords and jargon that can make interesting enough only for a select audience.

Adopting a conversational style engages people as they feel they’re part of a conversation. You need to convey your message comprehensively in minimum space. Take a Look at the following About Us image from Rent the Runway. It is all about renting the best designer clothes, but they project themselves as something far better and more sophisticated than just a clothing rental firm. Right from the design and the content, everything is perfect and delivers the message instantly.


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Call to Action (CTAs) for a Hammer-Strong Impact

Finally, you need to market your products or services but not like “please buy our products” kind of marketing. Instead, look for a subtle way to incorporate call-to-action buttons and messages directing potential customers to your product or service landing pages. Think about a visitor who has just landed on your website through Google.

See how Emirates Airlines have incorporated two CTAs at the end of its about us page to give more information to the visitors by guiding them to the media center and YouTube channel.


You need to keep him on your website and what better way to encourage your visitors to take decisive action. And what kind of action am I talking about? Of course, leading him to the products page with a shopping cart prominent on the top right corner.

Final Word

Businesses need to make the About page short and sweet with some images, mission statement, stats for social proof and information about the top management. And lastly, a creatively designed CTA that’s subtly buried in the content to encourage sign-ups for a newsletter, proceed to the products page or wherever you want to drive the visitor.

If you think that you can add something valuable to this blog or want to ask a question, you are more than welcome. For any feedback, please use the comments section below.

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