Use These Tricks to Create an Engaging Digital Experience for Your Customers

Use These Tricks to Create an Engaging Digital Experience for Your Customers

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Use These Tricks to Create an Engaging Digital Experience for Your Customers

Okay, when was the last time you had an amazing customer experience? It hardly takes you a few seconds to come up with the story and reasons that made you satisfied.

A positive and engaging customer experience not only makes your customers happy, but it leads to more sales and profits. Happy and satisfied customers can better promote your business than your marketing and social media teams as they will refer their friends and family to you, free of cost.

The experience you provide to your customers can have a profound impact on your brand. This is why marketers are struggling hard to create a stellar customer experience. If the experience your brand creates is not great, it is the right time to update your web design and digital marketing strategy in 2019 to delight your customers.

Here are some ridiculously amazing digital strategies to nurture customers’ trust and emotional attachment which eventually helps you create a positive digital experience for your customers.

Let’s get started.

Offer Excellent Customer Service

In this digital age, providing round the clock customer service has now become a necessity for every business. Customers prefer to buy products or services from companies that provide stellar customer experience. Since your website and mobile app are there for your customers, but they are not simply enough. Your customer service representatives can better entertain your customers’ queries, build interactions with customers and explain in detail how your products or services can solve their pain points.

You can harness the power of chatbots to take your customer experience to a whole new level.  Chatbots can interact with your customers 24/7 and respond to customers’ queries in real-time, helping them to complete the purchase process.

Create a Seamless Website Experience

When users land on your website, it takes them only 8 seconds to capture their attention and understand how amazing your brand is. So, make the most of these 8 seconds and compel them to take the desired action. If your website has an awful design, there is no chance they will even bother to notice the benefits of your products or services.

Providing an intuitive, clean, and simple website with a lot of white space, easy navigation, and impressive design elements can make your customer feel engaged. This convinces them to explore your homepage and easily find what they are looking for. Remember cluttered design with too many options and content can simply create a poor customer experience. From visuals to usability, your web design team should focus on every single detail as web design can have a huge impact on your brand’s ability to retain customers and attract new ones.

Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

In this digital world, customers do business with brands that show their human side. Brands that immediately answer to their questions, solve their problems and create a connection on an emotional level can earn their trust. You can revamp your content marketing strategy to improve the customer experience and increase satisfaction.

Incorporating video content, animations, infographics, user-generated content in your marketing strategy is undoubtedly a great idea to catch the love and attention of your target audience. Provide your customers with informative and engaging content that solve their pain points and in turn, you will be rewarded with their trust and loyalty.

Create Personalized Experience

To make customers feel valued, provide them with a highly personalized experience. To do so, understand who they are and what are their needs, preferences, and then use customer insights to improve the UX of your site. Analyzing the customer data such as browsing history and payment history can help marketers to uncover new opportunities to better serve them. Most successful brands understand the true importance of customer insights and use this valuable data to fulfill customer needs and then deliver the more personalized and frictionless experience.

Use Email Marketing

Email is a great medium to stay in touch with those who are willing to become your customers. Personalizing your email content such as adding the recipient’s name in the subject line and deliver relevant content as per subscribers’ preferences can do wonders. You can also send personalized birthday emails and recommend products based on the browsing history and preferences of the customers.

Harness the Power of Social Media

Social media is playing an integral role in improving user engagement and driving more conversions. From sharing informative, engaging content to replying to customers’ questions, social media can improve the overall customer journey. In short, social media provides you with a lot of creative opportunities to delight and satisfy your customers and improve the experience.

You can offer special discount codes, giveaways and exclusive offers to delight your customers, make them feel valued and transform into a brand ambassador.

Nowadays, more and more brands are putting customers at the heart of their social media strategy and creating personalized marketing campaigns to deliver an experience that is not only relevant and engaging but also transforms them into your loyal brand advocates.

Key Takeaways

Besides offering an excellent product or stellar service to your customers, you also need to make sure the customers’ overall experience with your brand is top-notch. From creating a personalized marketing campaign to providing a clean, intuitive website design, you have to follow every workable digital marketing strategy to ensure your customers remain engaged with your brand. Use the above-mentioned strategies will definitely help your digital marketing Dubai company to fulfill your customers’ expectations that will eventually create a positive and engaging digital experience.

Saher Naseem
Saher Naseem
Saher Naseem (@SaherNaseemD) is a creative writer, blogger and a social media addict. Blog writing is her passion and she shares her knowledge and insights on the latest advancements, on-going trends and much more. Currently, she is working for Dubai Monsters - a leading web design company in Dubai that offers digital marketing solutions.