5 Amazing Hacks to Create a Better Mobile Landing Page that will Maximize Your Bottom Line

5 Amazing Hacks to Create a Better Mobile Landing Page that will Maximize Your Bottom Line

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5 Amazing Hacks to Create a Better Mobile Landing Page that will Maximize Your Bottom Line

In this smartphone-obsessed world, where nearly every user can access the internet, it is critical for every business, no matter small, medium or large has a mobile-friendly landing page. According to the recent study, more than 70% of mobile searches lead to the desired action within one hour. Whether your desired goal is to increase email signups, more eBook downloads, receive phone calls, direct sales or anything else, creating a killer mobile landing page can help you make more sales.

If you are all set to launch your new website or already have one, it is important to ensure that your website has a landing page designed specifically for mobile. A well-designed mobile landing page can serve as a great marketing tool which generates more traffic to your business.

When it comes to creating a mobile landing page for your website, it is important to keep the key features in your mind in order to provide an awesome mobile experience and maximize conversion among mobile users.  Here are some proven techniques to create a killer mobile landing page that will definitely create a long-lasting relationship with your mobile audience and generate more conversions.

Let’s jump right in.

  1. Have a Compelling CTA

To create a highly-convertible mobile landing page, you should focus on providing the key value proposition and a persuasive CTA. Using multiple CTAs will confuse your audience, so make sure to use an obvious CTA button that get the user to convert. But the process of actually getting users to convert and take the intended action is easier said than done. A strong CTA that grabs the attention of your users can do wonders.

Have a look at Drift’s mobile landing page.

The mobile page design will instantly draw your attention towards a color-changing CTA and entice you to create a free account.Remember, the mobile audience is more distracted than ever before. Highlighting a CTA button with animations and awesome color contrast can get them to convert.

  1. Strategic Content Placement

While creating a mobile landing page, keep the screen size of mobile devices in mind. You have a limited real estate to grab a user’s attention and guide them towards what you want them to do in comparison to the desktop. Due to size constraints, it is important to organize your content in a way that users can easily absorb. Using large blocks of text that force users to scroll will make them leave your page. So, shorten the scroll and place the most important information above the fold so that visitors can easily find it.

Let’s take an example of Hulu.

In the landing page, they convey their value proposition that instantly stimulates users to sign up to start a free trial. They provide the most important information, value propositions and CTA above the fold, helping mobile users to take the intended action without scrolling.

  1. Make Your Page Simple and Clear

If improving your conversion rate is the ultimate goal for creating your mobile landing page, then you should make it simple and remove the distractions and unnecessary elements. Provide users with a clear and intuitive path to enter in the conversion funnel. Since you have limited real estate and most of the screen is already taken by the value proposition, CTA, image, and headline. Adding unnecessary elements to your mobile page design is quite risky and can break the user experience.

So, make sure to use white space and eliminate every other element that prevents users from converting. If you want users to stick to your page and complete the desired action, make sure you get people to sign up. Remember, mobile users are very impatient; they won’t fill out long signup forms, so keep it short and simple.

Shopify uses a simple and short form and a persuasive copy that encourage users to fill the form.

Let’s take another example of Menguins’ landing page.


The brand clearly conveyed the message by using impressive imagery, compelling copy, and enticing users to sign up for their newsletter.

  1. Aesthetically Pleasing Design

A well-design mobile landing page with proper look and feel can help you achieve your conversion goals. To make your landing page visually pleasing, make sure to use the right color scheme and fonts, beautiful imagery, compelling CTAs, and white space to enhance the overall look of the page. A perfect combination of design elements, colors, fonts and content can improve the visitor’s experience.

Just take a look at this elegant landing page of Todoist.

The Todoist landing page is artfully using high contrast, compelling CTA, enough white space, and minimal graphics to provide users with a great UX.

  1. Adding Video Content

To make your mobile landing page stand out and more informative, you can integrate video content. In fact, creating a video landing page is a great idea to entice and capture visitors and increase your conversion rate. But keep in mind that incorporating video in your mobile landing page doesn’t affect your page speed.

Zero Financial is using video on their landing page that is clearly defining the benefits of using their services.

Let’s take another example of Buffer’s landing page:

The brand has integrated a video on their mobile landing page that helps users to understand how it works.

You can also use this smart strategy of integrating video content to drive the desired results for your mobile landing page.

Final Thoughts

With the advent of Google’s mobile-first index, it has become important for every business to invest more time, resources and energy into creating effective mobile landing pages. If you are thinking to create a mobile landing page for your business, hire a professional web design Dubai agency to make a killer landing page that will help you drive more conversions and better outcomes.

Saher Naseem
Saher Naseem
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