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Designing the Perfect Logo in 2016

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Designing the Perfect Logo in 2016

So you are in the year 2016, designing a logo that will actually sell and you think it’s super easy. Well, the last part didn’t fit in too well because a lot many startups realize the first mistake they have made is the wronged logo design. Did that sound familiar?

One thing is for sure that logo designing is not an easy process and if does seem like it in some way, that has to be a huge misunderstanding and a misconception. You can’t just put in some abstract art with a splash of colors backed up by fancy lines to create a logo. This is something that defines a brand’s identity. Therefore, you are the brand identity designer which sure sounds like a serious matter.

Successful logo designers are always on to taking huge risks, ones that allow them to make something out of experimentation, trial-and-error. However, you don’t need to take all that risk. Why? Because here are some of the latest trends for the next time you are onto choosing a logo design inspiration.


Shaded logos are more like a colorful picture which is, obviously, attractive. Giving a vintage feel, these logos are amazing to look at. They are a perfect choice for brands that are bold and appear modern and have a stylish persona about their products and services. This trend seems too low and needs some time to catch up but a few brands are already adopting it.


Wordmarks have been in fashion since forever now. They call for a focus on the words, as a logo, and make a word-mark out of it. Designers find these the easiest in the beginning but as they begin to form a similar logo, that is when the real problem strikes. Play with various font styles or even shapes to wrap your words in.

Creative Typography

When you use a logo to create a sense of drama, you go crazy with the typography. Brands who adopt them usually have their name scripted inside a creatively dramatic object or anything abstract. Pay special attention to the font styles that will complement the shape and add a truly exquisite look to the logo.


Handmade logos are already on the rise this year. Most of the startups are also considering this elegant touch of hand-lettering or calligraphy for their logos. It is a perfect choice for brands who want to look elegant and sophisticated.

Negatively Spaced

Negative spaced logo designs are quite unique in nature. They are sure to dominate this year so get ready to be a little creative with abstract art, signs and limited colors to create some of the most interesting logos. These type of logos also look good when used in a variety of media.

Note them all down and keep a record for the next time a client comes in to get their logo designed. Give them a flair of updated and trendy logo designs that can really make a mark. Be creative and add in a little personal, vintage touch of experience of your own to make them stand out. Get help from experts of  logo design Dubai agency and create a brand identity that speaks everything about your brand. 



Mariya Sabeen
Mariya Sabeen
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