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Secret Tips for Designing Website for Greater Visibility

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Secret Tips for Designing Website for Greater Visibility

Small businesses, startups, new ventures, these are all looking for ways to get their hands on web traffic. That is, without doubt, the number one way of ensuring that you are staying on top of your audience.

In order to make sure that your customer finds your website, you need to blast your digital presence on Google or other online search engines. Why? Because that is how you become discoverable for the first time.

But that would also mean that when your customers are looking for you or any of your products/services, you need to land somewhere in the top results. Now how would you do that?

Take a look at the minor changes that you can make in your website design for greater visibility and increased traffic.

Pull your content together

First things first, in order to rank somewhere on the top, you need to produce content for search engines to discover you. But content management is not a one-time job. You need to look into it all the time in order to ensure that it’s up to the mark. Here’s what you need to do:

Produce quality content: Do your homework upon what your target market is looking for and create content accordingly. Provide solutions to their problems and be their guiding light.

Update, update, update: Sometimes the content includes facts and resources that exhaust after a while. Updating them will give you an edge over your competitors and will also help you to stay on top. Results in Google are bound to pull you down if your content is not updated. Take care of that and you will stick around on top longer.

New content: If you continue to add in new, high quality, quantity, your site will be assumed as a more reliable source of information to the search engine as well as the visitors. Create a content posting schedule to remain consistency and you’re good to go.

Terms of service: If you really want your site to be proved as a trustworthy source of information then adding terms of services, privacy pages can really help.

Ease of accessibility: If you create a logical link structure for your website and each of your pages, it would help Google to crawl and index the website easily. Make all the pages reachable from a link that is a static text link.

Uniqueness: Whatever content you produce, make sure its genuine and of your own. There are always plus points for originality and copying from someone comes with a cost. Google will detract you from ranking upon doing that.

Other content: Videos, images and other multimedia will ensure an even better quality for Google to put you on top. However, don’t get carried away with the multimedia, just put enough that will not slow down the site speed. Doing that can lose you visitors and the ranking.

Mobile optimized: Lastly, everything that you write or include in your website should be optimized for the mobile. It will enable the website to actually be able to provide your users with a seamless user experience and will increase your ranking – you’ve just killed two birds with one stone.

Up your keyword game

Keywords are an important contribution for a greater visibility of your website. However, be warned from overusing them or it will be taken as a deceptive measure by Google and hence will put you somewhere down in the rankings.

Prominence: In order to ensure that relevancy signal for your website, include a keyword in the first 100 words that are present on your website.

Order: Gather the phrasings that your audience is using for searching. The order should be maintained for a higher search ranking. For instance, “web design Dubai” is most likely to be searched than “web design services in Dubai”.

Title tag: Using keywords in tags and metadata for your website also marks a greater relevance. For instance, using a keyword in the title tag – H1, images, media, descriptions or captions will give you a greater chance to be discovered.


You can get other websites to link to your site. This will help your website to be found on the search engine, thanks to the assistance of other sites. Utilize this tactic to indicate to Google that your content is interesting for other sites as well, thereby giving you an edge. Ensure that there are more natural links than unnatural ones so that they can be consolidated as part of your website easily.

These design hacks are top secret, for your eyes only! Incorporate them in your design today to make it tremendous and utterly visible to your target market.


Mariya Sabeen
Mariya Sabeen
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