Why Digital Marketers Need Chatbots for their Business

Why Digital Marketers Need Chatbots for their Business

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Internet users are spending more and more time on messaging apps, no matter mobile or desktop, digital marketers are now considering how to get the most out of these chat apps.

For those of you who still don’t know what chatbots are: they are basically Artificial Intelligence powered robots within a chat app that can help brands to communicate with its customers without human involvement.

Chatbots are gradually becoming important marketing app in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning age and if truth be told one of the top digital marketing trends in 2017. You could say that chatbots are new messaging apps, in fact the new customer service representatives, and for digital marketers — anew support system.  

In future, more and more people will rely on chatbots to manage their daily chores, no matter if it is ordering your favorite t-shirt, a pizza or making a doctor’s appointment. In reality, the rise of chatbots could possibly lead to massive usage of messenger apps. A study shows that people spend a stunning 85% of their time using messenger apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Slack, Kik and more.

This is the reason; more and more businesses and digital marketing agencies are realizing the true importance of creating a chatbot on one of the famous messenger platforms instead of creating a specialized app.

Currently, Facebook has approximately 11,000 bots and majority of businesses are preferring Facebook messenger for bot development. Perhaps it is a good place to start out when taking a first look at building chatbots that live within chat apps.

Digital marketers are captivated by chatbots for a real reason. It’s not all just hype because they are the latest technical thing this year. Chatbots in reality can offer real value to marketers in terms of user experience and getting better insights into customers.

Here I’ve mentioned key reasons why digital marketers need to consider building chatbots for their small business.

They are Mobile Optimized

Chatbots come mobile optimized, thanks to the digital market using the mobile-first approach. Digital marketers don’t have to go through any additional trouble of getting chatbots mobile-optimized. Most of all, they are easy to implement.

Let’s take an example of Taco Bell’s TacoBot app which is integrated with Slack – a famous chat platforms that allows teams chat, order and pay directly using Slack.

TacoBot app answers customers’ questions, offer recommendations and organize a group office orders. Most of all, the bot boasts of witty personality which is a unique attribute associated with Taco Bell.



Share Your Brand Voice

In this competitive digital age, it has become more than important for a brand to maintain its strong online brand presence across major social media platforms. This means brands have to run multiple marketing campaigns across various social media channels. And all the channels have to be updated regularly.

And with the growing audience, brands can’t be able to manage their digital marketing efforts. If you fail to convey your brand voice across all social media channels, consumers won’t think for a second to make their way toward competitor website.

Here comes chatbots. By integrating them across all social media channel and then having them connected, digital marketers can update brand message at once across all channels. This will help brands to spread their brand voice seamlessly across several social media platforms.

Real Time Data Analysis

Chatbots are improving gradually and have been developed to provide more valuable data for businesses to capitalize upon. The best part of chatbots is that they update in real time and have the real power to reflect data as communication flows to and fro from users to chat bots. The insights can be used by brands to tweak and customize future marketing campaign in keeping with the latest digital marketing trends.

Excellent Customer Support

Providing the best customer support is the best part of chatbots when it comes to marketing. It’s very important for businesses to make their customers feel valued and cared throughout their user journey.

But the question is how to satisfy your customers and make them feel more valued. It’s very simple and easy. Be available for them at 24/7. It is totally impossible from a human point of view, but it’s not a big deal for chatbots. And that is the real power of chatbots.

In this age where customer want instant gratification, chatbots are developed in a way that they are able to immediately respond customer queries, anywhere, anytime. Most importantly, they would be able to communicate in a consistent brand voice.

The time will come when bots would consider as an integral extension of your brand’s UX and could serve as a major ingredient for your business growth.

Easy to Develop

Another best thing of chatbots is that they require minimum development time and cost unlike building a mobile app. As long as most of the groundwork is already done, which will automatically decrease the time and cost required for bot development. If truth be told, bots require one-fourth the time to develop than a standard mobile app development process.

In addition, bots require minimum maintenance, designing is quite easy and the entire development process is automated, which all make bots a highly preferable option for businesses.

App Aggregation is a Plus Point

Chatbots can be connected to multiple messenger apps (app aggregation) which makes it easier for digital marketers to solve multiple customer queries at once, by using a single bot.

For instance, Assist is a great example of chatbot which has aggregated apps like Uber, GrubHub, Lyft, Onslet, Flowers.com and Eat24.

assist chatbot


This single chatbot helps consumers to meet their various needs, all you need to message Assist via Slack or Facebook messenger about your requirement. The Assist then swing into action and connect with the relevant app to provide customers with an instant solution.

Final Words

Chatbots rising influence among businesses is undeniable. However, brands need to adopt a more safest approach to provide an excellent customer support, because chatbots, unlike humans, are emotionless robots and won’t be able to fully convincing answers to every customer query.

The only safest way to treat your customers well is by ensuring that human support is always there whenever a chatbot faces an unusual query to provide instant customer gratification.


Saher Naseem
Saher Naseem
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