16 Digital Marketing Conferences You Should Attend This Year

16 Digital Marketing Conferences You Should Attend This Year

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April 21, 2017
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Techniques to help your content get noticed
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April 21, 2017
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May 2, 2017

Conferences, events and seminars are incredibly valuable for growing your business. In these events, you can learn so much from the smartest and intelligent minds in your industry and connect directly with industry influencers, thought leaders, potential clients, partners and leads at the same time. If you want to learn new things and technologies that will help grow your business in 2017, then you should plan to attend digital marketing conferences. You can network and reconnect with a lot of smart business people at conferences that can offer a variety of opportunities in near future.

No matter if you are going to become a speaker, or want to transform your content marketing strategy, participating in these industry events can offer loads of amazing opportunities.

So, participate and reap the full benefits of them. You and your entire digital marketing team have to know your preferences and options and put a tactical approach in place to maximize your travels. To help you get started and save you time finding out, here is a list of industry events and digital marketing conferences that any digital marketing agency should attend this year.


1. Marketing Nation

Marketing Nation Summit

Marketing Nation event will be held from 23-26 April in San Francisco; this four-day event will help you equip with knowledge and skills you required to interact with your customers and help you get improved results from your marketing efforts. You can also get Marketo certification by attending University Day and learn about market-leading marketing automation tool through workshops and presentations.

2. SEJ Summit

sej summit


This event is hosted by Search Engine Journal editorial team that promised to cover all things related to SEO. It will take place in Chicago on 11 May. Search engine marketers will surely learn a lot in SEJ Summit and will find a great opportunity of networking.

3. C2 Montreal

c2 montreal

This three-day event is a great combination of creativity and commerce that focuses on exploring the impact of the latest digital trends on business market. It will help you learn out-of-the-box things to reignite your creativity and come up with some innovative plans for your business growth. C2 Montreal will be held on 24-26 May.

4. WistiaFest

wisita fest

This event will be based on video marketing which is indeed the most effective marketing tools and in this event you will be equipped with how to create effective videos for your business. WistiaFest will take place in Boston from 11-13 June.

5. Unbounce Call to Action

CTA unbounce

This event will feature the best and smart people in the business world and share practical tips with attendees. CTAConf will be held on Vancouver from 25-27 June.

6. MNSearch Summit


Every year, top-level speakers and digital marketers attend this one-day event as it covers all latest things related to digital marketing. This year MNSearch Summit will take place on 23rd June.

7. MOZCon


The must-attend event will take place from July 17 to 19. The wizard of Moz Rand Fishkin along with a great lineup of industry speakers and thought leaders will present informative insights and takeaways. MozCon will be going to a high-quality networking event of 2017.

8. Content Marketing World

content marketing world conference

CMWorld will give you an overview of all the latest content marketing trends and a number of ideas to create an effective content marketing strategy. This two-day event will give you a ton of opportunities to network with industry influencers and thought leaders and content peers. It will take place on Cleveland from September 5-8.

9. Dmexco Conference


The conference will take place in Cologne from September 13-14, which will serve as a global meeting point for the digital world. Dmexco is an amazing opportunity to meet digital marketing world’s best companies. A series of keynotes, seminars, presentations, work labs will help you learn all the cutting edge things.

10. Inbound


HubSpot’s Inbound 2017 conference will be held from 25-28 September in Boston. This event will be the largest event related to digital marketing and around 10,000 attendees participate every year in this conference. Your business will find amazing networking opportunities in this conference. HubSpot co-founders Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan will give inspiring speeches this year.

11. Marketing Profs’ B2B Marketing Forum

marketingprofs b2b forum

This conference will bring together B2B marketers and innovators to discuss their ideas about B2B marketing. From conversion optimization to content marketing to social media marketing to SEO, everything will discuss in this event. The B2B Marketing Forum will give you a great opportunity of creative networking. This event will be held from 3-6 October in Boston.

12. State of Search

state of search conference

The two-day State of Search Conference takes place every year in Dallas. It is getting bigger every year as many industry leaders and influencers share their viewpoints on digital marketing trends and strategies.

13. Marketing Festival

Marketing Festival

Marketing Festival will be an interesting event for all marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners as you will enjoy presentations, concerts, workshops and many informative things. Though the date is not decided for this festival but it is usually taken place in quarter 4 and round out the entire awesome marketing events of the year.

14.  RD Summit

RD Summit

It is the biggest marketing and sales event of Brazil which will held in November, which attract more than 5,000 attendees, 50 exhibitors.
RD Summit is the large-scale event will help you get great advice on inbound marketing and sales strategy and give you an opportunity to network with a large community of marketers.

15. Dreamforce

salesforce dreamforce

This conference attracted almost 200,000 attendees from more than 83 countries last year. The event is hosted by Salesforce and promises to give you the knowledge and tactics need to improve your ROI. Digital marketers will learn ways to create amazing user experiences and the ways to connect with customers. In this conference, you will also learn how Salesforce will help you improve your marketing strategy. No matter if you are a small business owner or a Fortune company, attend this conference to improve your overall business growth. Dremforce will take place in Sam Francisco from November 6-9.

16. Internet Summit

Internet Summit

This is a forum that brings together a whole host of thought leaders and influencers in the field of digital marketing world. If you are a SMB or an entrepreneur looking for solutions to apply to your marketing, analytics and customer experience strategies, or want to learn about the latest digital marketing trends, this conference will cover everything. World’s famous brands such as The Onion and Facebook will be there, so there will be a great opportunity to network with those big brands. Internet Summit will take place from November 15-16 in Raleigh.

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