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Dubai Airshow 2015 Catches the Attention of Abundance of Visitors

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Dubai Airshow 2015 Catches the Attention of Abundance of Visitors

The Dubai Airshow 2015

The Dubai Airshow (8-12 November 2015) is one of the most popular events in the world. It has been catching the attention of large number of visitors for the last 23 years. The first Arab Air Show was held in 1986 and encompassed a small civil aviation trade show at the famous Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC). During the last 20 years, the show is a great attention for all those interested in the aerospace area.

There is a great participation of leading buyers and sellers in this show from all around the world. The purpose of organizing this show is to facilitate successful international trade. Approximately 52,000 traders and investors participated in the 2009 Dubai Airshow who associated with 890 exhibitions from many different countries. The leading companies take part in this show from the Middle East. This trade show also catches the attention of international media from over 1000 different global outlets. Today it is the largest air show in the world and it provides an access to a large number of provincial markets of decision makers and is a successful trade show in the international aerospace calendar.

This trade show expects to maintain its reputation as one of the leading global aerospace events (November 8-12), with another great participation of the foreign traders and investors expected. According to many experts, it will become the biggest trade show in this year. Michele van Akelijen, the Managing Director of F&E Aerospace said, “It depends on how you want to measure it.”  The order booking of the 2013 Dubai Airshow was the biggest of all air shows around $206.1 billion.

She also told that manifold exhibitors participate in Paris events and Dubai Airshow is the best place to be for global business community. According to the officials, almost 11,000 exhibitors expect to take part in the world’s largest Dubai Airshow from 60 countries this year. According to F&E Aerospace, the aviation will allocate $53.1 billion to the development of Dubai, 37.5% to its GDP and the industry will generate more than 750,000 jobs in 2020.

While speaking about the success of the Dubai Airshow, Van Akelijen stated that EBACE is a great platform to promote the Dubai Airshow.  She said that Aerospace exhibitions and events have a great importance in Dubai. Great news is that the U.S will also have a strong participation of leading trade investors in Dubai this year.  Thus it can be said that Middle East has become the fastest growing aerospace region in the world today and Dubai is its center.  The companies can surely exhibit at the 2015 Dubai Airshow to make the most of this development and flee the negative growth of the traditional marketplaces.

You should feel proud of yourself by exhibiting at Dubai Airshow 2015 in an attempt to connect with historic area and correspond all of your Middle East clients in one place. You can exhibit at the largest trade show to do business.

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