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Dubai International Film Festival 2015 is all set to go…

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Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) is one of the most glamourous and anticipated events of Dubai. It is a celebration of United Arab Emirates and international filmmakers attracting film buffs around the globe to Dubai from Hollywood stars to celebrities and actors from film industry worldwide.

Dubai International Film Festival 2015 is going to be the most start-studded event of Dubai. The festival will continue for eight days from 9th December to 16th December, in which local and international productions will feature around 130 movies and documentaries from 60 countries in 40 languages.

DIFF is a leading film festival in the Asia, Africa and Middle East that has started happening in 2004. The festival serves as a leading platform for Arab film producers and quality talent worldwide, while organizing the biggest cinema activity in the region. The Dubai International Film Festival is now considered as a major international festival that serve as the best platform for Arab cinema and contribute to the development and advancement of the local industry.

The Dubai International Film Festival has also promoted its platform to present honor to quality films from countries in Asia and Africa. Established talents from Asian and Africa countries with progressive cinema culture and understanding are given noticeable standing in the festival’s competition.

The pioneer initiatives such as Muhr Awards, Dubai Film Market, and Dubai Film Connection have enriched professional experiences in the region while raising the profile of regional works on the worldwide stage. The festival as always will surely leave an incredible impact on its guest, industry specialists and viewers, through workshops, seminars and mandate of offering the selection of cinema from all around the globe. DIFF is indeed a greater effort for promoting talent globally and cultural awareness through the biggest achievements in film. So get ready and enjoy the event to its fullest!

Saher Naseem
Saher Naseem
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