How Can Ecommerce Businesses in Dubai Skyrocket Their Conversions and Growth?

How Can Ecommerce Businesses in Dubai Skyrocket Their Conversions and Growth?

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How Can Ecommerce Businesses in Dubai Skyrocket Their Conversions and Growth?

UAE is the largest and fastest growing ecommerce market among the GCC countries. The UAE ecommerce sector has a great potential for growth as the region’s economy continues to expand exponentially. There are significant opportunities for ecommerce brands as today’s generation is keener to make online purchases due to the convenience and ease it affords.

Launching an ecommerce business in Dubai is a worthwhile idea that can help you earn maximum revenue. But it can only be done if you are able to convince and convert targeted shoppers who are actually interested in your products.

Whether you are thinking to launch an ecommerce business in Dubai or have been in the industry for many years, getting more leads, conversions and sales is a challenging task. If you are looking for some awesome ways to double your website traffic and generate more sales on your ecommerce website, follow these effective tips to achieve your desired goals.

Harness the Power of Chatbots

Today’s consumers are very impatient; they want instant replies and accurate answers to their queries. Therefore, it is important for your ecommerce brand to entertain them round the clock to win them over and retain them. It is a challenge for ecommerce marketers to keep up with all the requests and queries, but using AI-powered chatbots can provide them with a great solution to this problem.

Chatbots can provide prompt answers to those countless queries simultaneously without the interference of human sales representatives. They are multilingual and intelligent, can grasp the context of sentences and reply in a smart and sophisticated manner. Incorporating AI-based chatbots in your ecommerce business strategy can help you achieve and sustain customer satisfaction, which will eventually help you grow your business.

Use Explainer Videos

Today’s consumers prefer to watch videos rather than reading lengthy blocks of text. Many marketing experts are of the opinion that that video is one of the best marketing tactics to promote products and convince users to complete the purchase decision. Moreover, landing pages with video content have a lower bounce rate as compared to other pages. It will create an increase in engagement and boost users’ interest in the products you are trying to sell.

If your ecommerce brand is not capitalizing on video marketing, now is the time to incorporate video in your ecommerce site. As it is the best way to show people how they can use your product and how it can somehow make their lives easier. Whether you choose a background video, an explainer video, a how-to video, or a promotional video, embedding video content in your website can actively engage your consumers. To put it in a nutshell, it is an awesome strategy for ecommerce brands to persuade users to make the buying decision.

Let’s take an example of Naturally Curly.


The brand used its product’s video to get the point across and encourage users to give their product a try.

Use Social Proof

User reviews, product reviews, testimonials, case studies, social shares and user-generated content serve as social proof that can make consumers feel more comfortable purchasing from an ecommerce store. Online buyers will feel more comfortable and confident when they see other users using your products to improve their lives.

Being an ecommerce marketer, you are recommended to take maximum advantage of social proof and display it on your product pages to add credibility to your online store and convert visitors into buyers.

Make the Most of Voice Search

Voice search is the next big thing in the ecommerce industry, helping brafnds to connect with their target audience. More and more ecommerce brands are thinking to incorporate voice search technology to their sales strategy. No one can deny the convenience and ease that voice assistants offer. It has led to more consumers placing orders simply by uttering a command. In fact, it is the easiest shopping method so far.

Let’s look at Domino’s for instance.

The brand has rolled out an intelligent voice ordering system that makes online ordering easier and more precise for customers.

Online Payment Methods

Choosing the right online payment method for your ecommerce website is the most important step as it helps customers complete the purchase process. If your checkout and payment method is not smooth and simple, you could end up losing potential leads. According to a survey, approximately 70% of online shoppers abandon shopping carts due to a complicated checkout process.

Therefore, it is critically important to make sure to integrate a hassle-free and easy checkout process with multiple payment options to improve your conversion rate. There are many ecommerce payment options available for online stores – credit/debit/prepaid card payment, bank transfer, e-wallets, cash, cryptocurrency, direct carrier payment. Your online store can use all or some payment options to attract a massive consumer base and offer an intuitive and secure checkout experience.

Bottom Line

For every ecommerce brand, the ultimate goal is to provide an amazing shopping experience. By integrating the latest ecommerce trends and following the above-cited simple strategies, ecommerce brands in Dubai can significantly increase sales on their website and reach new heights of success.

Saher Naseem
Saher Naseem
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