Holy Grail of eCommerce; tips to skyrocket your sales without spending a dime -

Holy Grail of eCommerce; tips to skyrocket your sales without spending a dime

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Holy Grail of eCommerce; tips to skyrocket your sales without spending a dime

The age-old adage “you have to spend money to make money” does offer a nugget of veracity, but won’t it be a bed of roses if you could see your crunch numbers soar up without wreaking havoc on your wallet?

In this high-tech era, startups focus on a plethora of methods to skyrocket their sales. Some prefer to extend their product categories while others wish to upscale their business. While there is no one-formula-fits-all, the cat’s out of the bag now and it is indeed possible to boost your sales without breaking your bank!

I have been working in the eCommerce sector for quite some time now. And due to this, I am able to gather some tips which can help you skyrocket your sales as well.

It is not necessary that all the strategies mentioned below will work for you. But, this also means that you cannot ignore these strategies altogether. Try them out and see what works for your band.

Think like a customer

When you create a website, your main goal is to drive sales. If you’re able to get into the minds of your customers, it will be easier for you to generate sales.

You need to understand the consumer behavior and how triggering different areas of the brain can result in more sales.

Instead of coaxing customers into buying from you, you have to drive them psychologically to purchase from you of their own free will (or at least, this is what it should appear to be). What is your customer thinking when they land on your website? Can you think like the customer and make the necessary adjustments in your product? If not, start thinking like a customer and see your sales hit the ceiling.

Learn by trial & error

You don’t need to jump on the bandwagon and try mimic everything that your competitors are doing. You can test the waters and see what works for your brand.

This can be done with trial and error. For instance, maybe your competitors are not capitalizing on YouTube to market their products. You can avail of this opportunity and make engaging videos to attract potential customers to your brand.

You can apply this strategy to other areas as well. When it comes to financing, you can try out a software to boost your financial records. And in time management, you can use time management tools to save up on precious time.

Nothing can be achieved if you don’t try things out. Not everything will work for you. This is obvious. What you need to monitor is what is working for your brand and do more of it.

Figure out the buying journey of your customer

If you know at which stage of the buying journey your customer is at, you can help them complete sales. For this, you need to be equipped with smart tools to track the movement of your customers.

You can use a Heatmap to track the behavior of your customer. What they’re looking for on your website and why are they leaving the cart without finalizing the purchase.

For you to boost sales, you need to comprehend the behavior of your customer & help them complete sales.

Furthermore, you can achieve this by implementing smart chatbots or intuitive customer service reps who can understand the needs of your customers and cater to them without frustrating the customer.

Always stay up-to-date

Unless you are living out the hermit life, you cannot overlook the fact that Bitcoin is the currency of the future. Regardless of whether you turn a blind eye to technology, there will be a time when you’ll have to shift to Bitcoin because of an increasing public demand.

It is not just because your customers are demanding it, it is because everyone else is leveraging it too. You need to keep your eyes on your surroundings, what your competitors are using and how you can use the technology in a more efficient way.

For this, you need to stay abreast of burgeoning technology. It is not a choice anymore; it is a necessity. Most digital agencies that are providing eCommerce solutions know for a fact that you need to stay on top of technology when it comes to developing a website which can help customers fulfill their needs without turning them away.

Use the power of emails to maximize sales

Some things never get old. Just like childhood memories, email marketing is one thing which still hogs a lion’s share of the market when it comes to eCommerce sales.

If you haven’t gotten your feet wet in email marketing or this medium is not working for you, it is high time that you invest your resources in some good email tools or hire people who are experts in the field of email marketing.

There is no shame in being a late bloomer and learning a craft late, so long as you’re able to make the best use of it.

Check out YouTube videos or even talk to people who have invested decades in the field. Ask them for help and they will be happy to oblige.

No one becomes an expert in a day. You have to invest time in every good thing. You have to devote your energy towards email marketing and get serious about it.

To conclude it all

Starting an eCommerce shop is easy, but to keep it running is a tougher nut to crack. First, you need to build a reputation for your eCommerce store, and then sustain that eCommerce business.

From a distance, it looks like a smooth process, but in reality, it is a daunting one. You need to keep learning the tools that are currently running in the market.

Learn from the experts. Or even learn by trial and error. Whatever you do, you don’t need to worry about keeping up the sales. If you try things that are different and stay consistent with your strategies, you don’t need to worry about comparing yourself with the competition. You have to try what is working for your brand and keep working on those strategies.

Yousuf Rafi
Yousuf Rafi
Yousuf Rafi has been working with writing challenged clients for over four years. His educational background is in Computer Science coupled with Masters Degree in Business Communication. Being a tech-savvy he loves to write about latest happenings, and tips on web design & development, mobile app development, and SEO. Currently employed at DubaiMosnters.com – a digital design agency in UAE, Yousuf loves reading and exploring new ideas.