Here’s How to Make an Effective Brochure Design

Here’s How to Make an Effective Brochure Design

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If you are a small business owner, then you surely want to make your brochures effective. But how do you write a copy that gets your brochures read and customers to respond. Use these design tips to create an effective brochure design and improve the sales material you provide to your customers.

If you are planning to create an effective brochure design to increase your sales, or planning to announce a new product or service, you are probably thinking how to get a positive, immediate attention of your audience.

Remember, every piece of information you send out leaves a great impression on your potential clients. If you don’t do it right, chances are you will lose sales and customers. So, what small businesses and startups can do to make your brochure design a big hit. In this blog, you will find out secrets of successful yet effective brochure design.

Know Your Customers

Prior to investing your time to planning a brochure, make sure you understand your target customer. Carefully think why would they want to buy your products or services? What value you are offering to them? How your products, service or app can solve their issues? If you have answers of all these questions, try to take advantage of this in your brochure.

Focus on AIDA

AIDA is (Attention, Interest, Desire, Attention). Try to incorporate AIDA factor in your brochure design. In order to create an awesome brochure design, your brochure needs to get attention, get the target audience interested enough to read the piece, attract them to your products or services, and get them to take desired action such as make a purchase, call, email or make an appointment, etc.

Don’t Show Your Infrastructure

Certainly, you are proud of the building and the way your corporation has grown. But your target audience really don’t bother how proud you are of your corporation, or how big your building is. The one and only thing that they care about is whether your products or services meet their requirements. So, don’t put a picture of your infrastructure and use the space in your brochure design strategically to sell your products and convince your customers to buy your services.

Promote Your Products

Your current and potential customers are not really interested in your products or your business. They only care about themselves and their own businesses. To get the attention of your prospects, all you need to focus on the benefits they will get by using your products or services.

Use Catchy Headlines and Graphics

An average reader usually takes less than 5 seconds to glance at the cover of a brochure or flyer design and figure out whether or not to read it further. If your headlines and graphics used on the brochure cover are unappealing and boring, chances are no one bother to open it. You can get the attention of your prospects by simply using catchy headlines and appealing graphics.

Use Content that Convince People to Convert

Once you have get people to open your business brochure design, the next thing they will do is to browse the headlines and content placed inside the brochure. You can use these headlines strategically to capture the interest of the brochure recipients and convince them to convert.

Highlight Key Features of Your Products

Consumers and business people come across so many ads daily and they can quickly skim through all the main points of an ad. Using bullet points to highlight your features will help your prospects to easily find out what you are offering and lead them towards the desired action to take next.

Make it Very Clear What You Want from Them

Once your brochure design successfully developed audience involvement in what you sell, you need to take a next step of clearly telling them what they need to get your products. Don’t just assume that your audience will email or make a call, or visit your website. Don’t expect they use their brains to contact you. It’s your job to tell them what action to take, otherwise they may consider your competitor instead of you.

Make It Easier for Them to Reach You

Make sure everything is mentioned in your brochure design, your brand name, business website address, phone number, email address, physical address and other contact details.

Add your social media profile links to connect your audience on social media. In short, make it easier for your prospects to reach you.

Ease Your Customer’s Fear

Once you have built the interest to buy your products, you could still lose the lead if the customer has any concerns about purchasing. Perhaps your customers don’t know who you are, what are your brand values, what is the quality of your products you are offering. Satisfy your customers by offering money-back guarantee.

Final Words

A brochure design is an amazing way to give your current and potential clients an opportunity to learn about products and services at their own pace. Readers can focus on as much as little information and images as they can process. If truth be told, brochures can serve as portable salespeople.

Each time they hand out, they represent your brand and inform people about your products and services. Therefore, it is important to follow the above-mentioned design tips to create an effective brochure design.

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Saher Naseem
Saher Naseem
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